August 07, 2017

A Fish Out of Water - A Wargamers Impressions of The Chicago World Expo Part 2 - The Historical Figure Photos

Michigan Toy Soldier's own Matt Koltonow shares his images of the World Model Expo 2017

 To continue my overview of the show from my last post, the main bulk of the show is made up of the exhibition hall. This is where all the entries are displayed. The first picture in the previous entry gives you an idea of the size of the room. Table after table of figures, dioramas and so much more.
As I mentioned previously, the level of work here is just incredible. In order to make it easier to look through the pictures I divided it into two parts. This first part is (mostly) the historical stuff. Figures, armor, aircraft and more were all present at the show. I didn’t get a chance to get photos of quite everything but this gives you a pretty great impression of the show. The pictures give you an idea of how amazing all this stuff is but seeing it all in person was a whole other story.

Best of Show
The “Best of Show” award went to a piece titled “El Ultimo Tercio en Rocroi 1643” by the painting team of Juan Avilla, I.Esteban and Albert Gros Mascarilla. World Master designations were awarded to Michael Kontraros, Julio Cabos, Rick Taylor, Fletcher Clement. The Bob Zwald Memorial Award was given to Fabio Nunnari. President’s Awards were given to Richard Poisson, Francois Verlinden and Michel Zeller.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals along with Certificates of Merit were awarded to a number of artists from “Open” categories (where the artists sculpt and paint their work) and “Painter” categories where artists paint others’ model figures. Awards at the expo are based on a level of skill where multiple medals and certificates of each category are awarded to the artists.

The next World Expo will be in 2020, possibly in Eindhoven, Netherlands pending the final selection of locale. Many organizations helped to produce this event and which regularly hold their own shows included the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society, International Plastic Modelers’ Society, Artists Preservation Group, Long Island Historical Miniature Collectors Society, Atlanta Military Figure Society, Lakes Region Scale Modelers, Butch O’Hare IMPS, AMPS Chicagoland and the MMSI – the Military Miniature Society of Illinois, which provided the steering committee for the World Expo and will hold its own annual show on October 13-15, 2017 at the Schaumburg Marriott Hotel (for more about this event, visit:

Show organizer Joe Berton works on a miniature for his 1908 Chicago Cubs display
which he showed at the World Model Expo 2017
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