August 03, 2017

FARLEY'S FIGURE OF THE WEEK #158: Creature from the Black Lagoon aka The Creature

He's over 60 years old and as a model kit he's well over 50 but he's never gotten the FOTW treatment until now.  Since we're in the dog days of summer which means amount other things days at the beach...swims in the lagoon who better then to bestow our FOTW honors on then the Creature from the Black Lagoon! He first appeared in the 1954 Universal movie and two sequels and is considered one of the original movie monsters. In 1963 he made an appearance on the desks of many a kid in the form of an Aurora model kit #426, sculpted by Bobb Lemon with box art by James Bama. Billed simply as The Creature this 1/8th scale wonder was a mainstay of monster modelers for years even making a reappearance under the Aurora Glow in the Dark series in the late 60s, and was reissued under the Monogram, Revell and Polar Lights brands. In 1975 he joined the monster model mini revival in the 1/12th scale Aurora Monsters of the Movies range which in turn was reissued by Moebius Models in 2012. We still love ya after all these years Gill-man!

In the original movie the Creature had no teeth, but Aurora's model has teeth!

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