August 08, 2017

A MTSC SneaK PeeK: The all new Dirty-Shirt Blue range from W Britains

The new range from W. Britain* is Dirty Shirt Blue, and will focus on the peple and events of the American West from 1860s to th 1890s.

Two major laws enacted by Congress in 1862 facilitated the settlement of the West: the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railroad Act. Free land attracted a multitude of new immigrants to the territories, but created tension with the native peoples inhabiting the west, often resulting in violence.

The name for this new range comes from the image of the small force of regular army soldier serving on the series of outposts across the frontier. It was a hard life serving on isolated posts with little room for career advancement. For the most part their mission was to prevent warfare among the various tribes or between the natives and the settlers, and despite the stories that have come down through the history books, a good number never experienced combat.

Although the Army represented U.S. Government and enforced its policies, this complex story of westward expansion cannot be told by only military actions. The range will include many of the other players too, Native people, hunters, settlers, cowboys, outlaws and lawmen.

...Here they are, the dog-faced soldiers, the regulars, the 50-cents-a-day professionals, riding the outposts of a nation. From Ft. Reno to Ft. Apache, Sheridan to Stock, they were all the same. Men in dirty-shirt blue, only a page in history books to mark their lives. But wherever they rode, whatever they fought for, that place became the United States
~ from the final scene in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

* WBN Product Information:
Hand Painted Pewter figures
Finish/Style: Matte finish, Hyper-realistic Connoisseur style with shading and highlighting
Size: 1/30th scale (5658mm / 2 1/4") 
Here are the first four figures in the series. Due in late 2017

WBN 32001 U.S. Infantry on Campaign, 1880s No.1
WBN 32002 US Army Apache Scout, 1880s
WBN 32000 Dismounted 9th Cavalry Trooper No.1
WBN 32003 Captain Myles Keogh, 7th Cavalry, 1876
You can Pre-order this range from MTSC HERE

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