July 19, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER REVIEW: Julian Conde puts Molotow Liquid Mask Pens to the Test

Direct  from San Paolo Brazil our very own Julian Conde takes a look at the Liquid Mask markers from Molotow in part two of a two part look at this exciting product line...

...Now about the Molotow Liquid mask. It works on the same principle as the liquid chrome pens I reviewed last time, a press-down point, shake it and the masking liquid starts flowing. I have the 2mm pen for the masking liquid, but they also have a 4mm option....

This masking pen comes in transparent tube, so you can see how much “juice” is left, and you can also see when the liquid is well mixed, it should be a uniform sky blue all around. Darker shades of blue indicates it needs some more shaking before use...

I have never been 100% satisfied with the liquid mask options I have tested. I have some Talens, Winsor & Newton and Testors liquid masks, I use masking a lot in figure painting, and they usually are quite difficult to peel off after you are done using it. They come out in pieces and it takes some time a care not to peel of some paint below in the process. It’s time consuming and frustrating at times. I wanted to see the result with this Molotow mask.

I applied the liquid mask on a plastic strip. waited a few minutes to dry...

After drying to the eye and touch, we can see it’s also self leveling, and it gets a very thin, delicate finish. Very nice...

I begin to pull of the mask with a point tweezer, usually the mask rips apart with pointed objects. Not this one, it came out in one piece, leaving no residue on the plastic strip...

If you want a brush-like application, you just place some liquid mask from the pen on your palette, get the brush wet with the masking liquid, and apply where you need it. Maybe the 2mm is too thick for some places. The liquid is abundant and does not dry in seconds, so you have time to transfer some to your brush for application.

This is a great masking fluid. It came off after drying much easier then all the other ones I have tested. Now I can use this mask with the Panzer Putty by Mxpression, which I also love. With these two combined you can mask anything safe and easy.
JC 7-2017

The Molotow Liquid Mask Range:
A must-have for modelers, these ready-to-use, refillable markers contain a water-repellant masking fluid that applies cleanly and rubs off easily, leaving no residue. Molotow's patented pump delivery system assures precise, mess-free application and sharp edges.
MLW-1 2mm Liquid Masking Marker
MLW-2 4mm Liquid Masking Marker
MLW-600 30ml Liquid Masking Refill 
MLW-111000 2mm Empty Pump Marker w/Clear Measuring Guide Pane
You can order these products from MTSC HERE

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