July 21, 2017


The Weathering Magazine is a specialized publication designed for modelers of all skill levels and subjects. Each themed issue delivers, the classics to the most advanced painting and weathering techniques and the related products used to achieve incredible results in all aspects modeling. Through detailed “step by step” articles every technique is illustrated with high quality photos and concise descriptions by some of the finest modelers in the world.  Printed on high quality glossy paper, TWM is a collectible resource packed with useful techniques and inspiration.

The Weathering Magazine Issue 20 - Camouflage
The latest issue of The Weathering Magazine is entirely devoted to the critical subject of military camouflage. This is where the painting of all models begins. Within this release, you will see various examples of camouflage patterns used not only on tanks, trains, ships, uniforms, but also on science fiction subjects. We will show you how to create camouflage on a submarine - adding zenithal lightning as well as combining it with multi-layered chipping. We will explore how to paint one of the most difficult and visually interesting patterns, the well-known disc camouflage used by the Germans in 1944. Sharpen your skills and learn how to implement color modulation on a trichromatic camouflage, as expertly shown on the King Tiger model. If someone is still unable to measure their painting skills, we recommend hand-painting camouflage using lacquer paints - something that seems to be doomed to failure, but is possible and gives a very interesting and dynamic range of effects. You will also find two large articles describing the history of camouflage, featuring color profiles with descriptions that can be a great source of inspiration when choosing a camouflage scheme. Finally, for those of you who are fascinated by the art of figure painting, we will show an effective way of painting the German Erbsenmuster uniform pattern, and for winter lovers we have a Stug III in white washable camouflage.

The Weathering Magazine so far:
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AMIG-4511 The Weathering Magazine Issue 12 - Styles
AMIG-4512 The Weathering Magazine Issue 13 - Desert
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AMIG-4515 The Weathering Magazine Issue 16 - Interiors
AMIG-4516 The Weathering Magazine Issue 17 - Washes, Filters And Oils
AMIG-4517 The Weathering Magazine Issue 18 - Real
AMIG-4518 The Weathering Magazine Issue 19 - Pigments 
AMIG-4519 The Weathering Magazine Issue 20 - Camouflage
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The Weathering Aircraft. This magazine follows the same concept from its big brother The Weathering Magazine but it is 100% focused on aircraft. 68 pages include detailed “step by step” articles on techniques from some of the best modelers in the world.

MTSC SneaK PeeK...Weathering Aircraft no.6 - CamouflageThe sixth issue of The Weathering Aircraft focuses on painting and weathering techniques for aircraft models. The color of the aircraft is certainly one of the main factors when we decide upon our next project. It is for this reason we have selected this subject, and instructed our contributors to work on it, explaining how to paint some of the most attractive camouflage schemes in great detail, which will allow you to build eye-catching and appealing models. Throughout these pages you will learn different techniques, from creating our own masking, to doing a whole camouflage scheme using decals. In addition, we will also see decorations as diverse as the flashy WWI lozenge patterns or today´s sophisticated digital camouflage schemes.
The Weathering Aircraft Magazine so far:
AMIG-5201 Weathering Aircraft no.1 - Panels
AMIG-5202 Weathering Aircraft no.2 - Chipping  
AMIG-5203 Weathering Aircraft no.3 - Engines
AMIG-5204 Weathering Aircraft no.4 - Base Colors
AMIG-5205 Weathering Aircraft no.5 - Metallics
AMIG-5206 Weathering Aircraft no.6 - Camouflage Coming Soon
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The Weathering Magazine has produced a special edition compilation of some of the best articles featured in the magazine, chosen from the first two years of the magazine. This is available as a FREE PDF Download HERE


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