July 18, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Track Link Tool by Mirror Models Ltd.

Mirror Models Ltd. Track Link Tool (ref.01001)
Individual track links are a common presence in armor models and no matter if they are in plastic, metal or resin, most of the times, assembling them is a real nightmare. But those days are over and Mirror Models Ltd presents us with their, Track Link Tool. We all know that assembling individual track links is a boring and fastidious process. Aligning them in a single row is complicated and most of the times they ended up unaligned and this process can test our patience to the limits.

Now, with this tool, assembling individual track links is like a walk in the park! This is a real time saver and will turn the process very easy and simple. 

The tool allows different widths and that wide is very easy to control. No matter if the track links are in plastic, metal or resin. The assembling process is always the same. Just prepare track links and get ready to assemble them. For non clickable links it is still very easy to control gaps between them and total length of the track.


Use tweezers or holding stick to sort out the links, you can lock then prepared track length with sliding part secured with screws (for resin or plastic links you can now apply glue, its remains can be easily removed at the end from the metal surface). Just place the metal track links over the tool and start assembling link by link. All links will stay secure in the desired spot and assembling them will be a super easy process. For the plastic track links the process is exactly the same.

The best approach is working by segments and once they assembled, just release them and start working in another segment. Working by segments is more comfortable and easy to work. In the end all the segments must be linked together and assembling the entire track. The process is the same for plastic, metal or resin tracks.

Before assembling the pin-track links, make sure that every holes in the tracks are drilled and open. This process is more common in the metal track links. In plastic and resin track links it depends on the manufacturer. Most of the times, in plastic and resin tracks, all we have to make is assembling and glue them together.

Place a metal pin in the holes and connect all the track links.

Just place a drop of C/A glue in the desired spot and let it act as capillarity. Once the glue well dry, just cut the excess with a plier or a nail cutter.

When we cut the metal pin, they go ballistic! ALWAYS, but ALWAYS use protective glasses. Once, while I was cutting the metal pins excess, one of them just fly directly into my left eye. Thankfully I was wearing protective glasses and the metal pin was spiked into the lens.
So, don't go easy on safety. Always protect yourself and enjoy model making.
by José Brito
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