June 13, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER REVIEW: Matt Koltonow looks at Painting War Volume 8 The American Civil War

The latest addition to the Painting War series is the highly anticipated American Civil War Issue (ref. PWN-PW008). This covers the American Civil war in its entirety and features painting by Ángel Aparicio of Oniria Miniatures.

This is an excellent addition to the series and is chock full of useful information for painters of varying skill levels. The format of this issues is the usual standard for publications of this type; intro section with basic painting tips, general painting tips for this subject, a fantastic color index, and step by step guides for painting more than 25 different figures.

This issue holds the usual high quality standard of painting and modeling and covers figures from most major manufacturers. The results in the pictures speak for themselves and the guides produce amazing paint jobs. In addition to the general infantry, cavalry and standard troops, the book covers a wide variety of other useful figures for the era. This includes things like civilians as well as more specialist troops like Berdan’s Sharpshooters. Almost all of the paint guides include some amount of paint mixing for each step but the finished paint jobs appear to be worth the extra effort. The intro section sets the tone for the whole volume and this book is a great resource for figure painters. The artist for this issue uses a lot of layer painting as well as subtle build up of highlight layers to achieve amazing results. The color guides themselves are good for wargamers and casual painters as well. Though all the figures covered are 28mm I imagine the guides would be useful for other scales as well with just a little bit of tweaking. The color choices are great and the techniques presented will produce a nice paint job.

In the center of the book is the color index. This 2 page spread makes the book incredibly easy to reference. Each color covered in the book is given a swatch and a page number meaning you can open to this page and quickly find out how to paint something like a water bottle strap or union trousers. The book covers pretty much the entire era in full detail and makes it a must buy for anyone painting anything American Civil War. Whether you’re looking to take your small scale figure painting to the next level or even just a quick color reference this guide is worth your time.
Matt Koltonow 6-2017

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