June 21, 2017


The MTSC Trench Runner universe expands again with our very first foreign contributor Julian Conde who hails from a way down in South America. Julian is an award winning modeler in Brazil who equally likes building figures and AFVs with an occasional sci-fi/fiction kit thrown in. We hope his interest in the latest products will bring a fresh new perspective to these pages. We look forward to featuring his talents, views and opinions (good or bad) on the latest modeling products right here on News from The Front!

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name in Julian, I’m 35 years old, and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I've worked in show business for 23 years  as working a Stage Manager, Technical Director and Producer for bands, corporate meetings and festivals. For the last 11 years I’ve been touring with one of the greatest Brazilian Singers, Maria Rita. She is a 11 Time Grammy Award Winner. We have toured in 15 countries, and in most of them Ive been able to pay a visit to a hobby shop or two in Japan, USA, London, Portugal and France. I’ve had my share working with great bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Seal, Joss Stone, Roger Waters, Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Aerosmith, Iggy Pop, John Mclaughlin, and so on. I’m very proud of my career but it takes a lot of my hobby time. So I select my projects with special care, so I can really use my spare time to make a great model, with great premium materials and attention to detail.

How & when did you first get into the hobby?
My father introduced me into the scale modelling. I started as a boy, building airplanes (old Monogram kits) and some Tamiya Armor. It was all very amateur, few paints, no airbrush, no seam lines cleaned, decals with serious flash, etc. But it was fun and it gave me the start. When I started working at age 13 or 14 I stopped building models. My work consumes a lot of time with travels and pre-production. But I never sold or gave away my modeling tools. When I was 18 or 19 I decided to buy a new kit, a Zero Fighter. I did, and it gave me back those munchies for modeling again. Then I joined a IPMS Club in São Paulo, made some great friends and improved my skills by sharing experiences. Got to attend some model shows, win a few prizes and get excited for the next project. My downside to this day is a lack of time, as I said before. Sometimes I build a model or two a year. But when I do, I want to include only the finest kits in my projects, with the finest accessories, add on’s and materials for painting and weathering. I don’t use anything that’s not really great and really well made. It’s a lot easier these days to replicate rust, chipping, streaks and so on, so why not go for it with the best materials?

What aspects of the hobby appeal to you the most? What are your main interests?
My main area of interest is armor, figures and a distant fiction addiction. My collection of kits consists basically on 70% armor (WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and just a few modern MRAP’s, I don’t like modern armor besides some trucks), 20% Figures (Love great sculptors like John Rosengrant and Latorre), So my collection is made basically from great manufacturers such as Andrea, Pegaso (Andrea Jula Sculpts) Alpine, Life Miniatures, etc and 10% Fiction. Love the old Alien Halcyon kits, some Batman and even some Nuts Planet vignettes. I really like World War II and German Armor. I do have one boat in my collection and one plane. The Boat is a Merit 1/35 G5 Russian Torpedo Boat and the plane is a Zoukei Mura 1/32 Horten 229 (!!) for when I really lost my sanity building it. One day I plan to get a 1/72 U-Boat kit to make.

What are your other interests beside this hobby?
I really like movies, music and just enjoying some time in my home theater annoying the guy next door with high decibel trauma. My work leaves little room for wanting to go out, enjoy shows and plays, so my casual life is really quiet, based on movies, great meals and just being with friends. I am a collector of German militaria and books. Really like to have a piece of history, a medal, a armband, a post card that was used and maybe fought with in one of the great battles we replicate in scale.

What are some of your favorite web sites?
For new releases I really like PMMS website. I was very sad when they took that year break for illness, but so glad they are back. I read a lot of RSS news, and love to see MichToy’s blog, They have some great reviews for new products. My wish list from the Michigan Toy Soldier web site is a mile long. I really dig some Facebook pages, and I think it’s great that we can now follow our “mentors” such as Latorre, Mig and Alpine on Facebook, see new realease, ongoing projects and interact with them. I really love to talk to Mig one or two times, Chris Mrosko and Latorre. Love to interact with DEF models page, Life Miniatures, Takom and so many others that share with us on Facbook. They are amazing artists and great pillars of our hobby.

Do you post on  about your hobbies on Facebook or any other social media outlets
I really like to share my work, to get insights and opinions. I share my work on Facebook and Instagram, now with “Instastories” or such, I get to make some step by step of the building process and not flood my page with actual pictures on the timeline. Love to get feedback from other modelers around the world.

Do you belong to any forums or subscribe/post  to any  blogs?
I do subscribe to MichToy’s News from The Front and so many others through RSS feed. Love to take some time to see the new stuff online. I also get notifications from the Facebook pages I follow and like.

Any advice for someone new to hobbies?
Well, it’s great time for model making. We have so many products, so much online information and such great kits coming out today, that is very rare to get disappointed with our own work. I could never imagine eight years ago to replicate chipping by actually taking off paint with the chipping fluids. Pigments are amazing, the breakthrough in weathering. I used to buy artist’s pastel chalks and grind them up to and use but its a whole new ballpark with real modeling pigments. If you enjoy building models, you now have at your hands great products to make a model into a true scale replica, the goal for me, at least. Keep tuned to MichToy blog and so many other for new releases and reviews and step by step on products. Model On !
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