July 11, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: VMS Hull Tex Air & Paper Shaper Modeling Products

Now Available from the innovative Polish company Vantage Modelling Solutions...

Hull Tex Air: Recreate Fine Anti-slip precisely!

The new Hull Tex Air is intended to recreate the finer anti-slip types as seen on modern vehicles such as the M2 Bradley, Stryker family, LAV, AVGP Cougar, AVGP Husky, Leopard, Boxer, Strv 122, Challenger 2 and others. The product is a bundle consisting in a bottle of special non volatile cement and extra fine aggregate (texture) in fluid form. It allows you to produce anti-slip without masking, but masks can be used also to create sharp ant-slip patches if a vehicle demands it.

The application process is basically to apply the glue wherever the anti-slip has to appear, and then apply the aggregate texture with an airbrush over a dry glue layer, which is reactivated once sprayed over.  This way one can paint precise shapes with the glue, for instance make a perfect circle on a tank's hatch and then spray the aggregate for a perfect coverage. In most cases no masking is needed as the texture will stick only to the areas covered with the adhesive.

Hull Tex Air is a great alternative to conventional methods (using out of scale textured paints or overspraying thick primers etc. ) as the liquid texture contains no solvent and the airbrush is very easily cleaned with tap water, and the need for masking is minimal. Product is so fine that it is also suited for smaller scales (other than the default 1:35).

View the VMS FAQ page and Demo Video HERE
You can order this product from MTSC HERE

Paper Shaper: Make detachable canvas, tarps, clothing, rags and more...
With paper shaper you will be able to create all kinds of accessories for your vehicles and dioramas using plain paper! Created objects can be separated from the model for easy painting and the liquid doesn't stain the model! Paper Shaper is a great alternative to classic adhesives when it comes to working with paper. It will allow you to instantly soak and precisely shape paper and similar materials without the danger of tearing them. Being reversible VMS Paper Shaper also allows you to create detachable objects which can make painting easier! Product is fully reversible with VMS Clean Slate.
View the VMS Paper Shaper FAQ page and Demo Video HERE
You can order this product from MTSC HERE

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