May 16, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER REVIEW: Vallejo's Rust & Chipping Techniques

Vallejo's Rust & Chipping Techniques
By Bruce Davis

Weathering models has become a way of life for some modelers, and they have turned out some fantastic work showing how the elements affect tanks and other vehicles. This new book by Vallejo about rust and chipping can give modelers even more ideas and techniques to achieve realistic results with the brown stuff.

Rust accompanies metal in some shape or form and the examples chosen here show specific types of rusting and how to accomplish them. Rust is not just rust, there are many factors at play. The book focuses on fresh rust, rust with fire damage, impact marks from shells, derelict rusting and a few more.

There are plenty of full color photos showing not only the painting steps, but also the model builds, which is just as important as the painting. These include mostly armored vehicles, but also a steampunk model and an old American pickup. Some builds require planning during assembly so the rust can go in the right places. That's important to remember in your own builds.

This book can also serve as an introduction to the various weathering products Vallejo offers. To a newcomer it can be confusing to see all the different effects they offer and wonder what they should try. If you're after rust, this book is right up your alley. You can easily see what, why and how they used for a particular effect and the explanations are clear. There are sections devoted to effects for tank treads, burned paint, chipping and engines.

Overall, this is a great book for someone looking to expand their modeling techniques or a beginner wishing to learn how to rust effectively.

Vallejo You Tube Video on how to use Chipping Medium to create chipping effects flaked paint, scratches and chipped paint. Step by step by José Brito.
Vallejo Step-by-Step PDF How to Use Chipping Medium


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