May 30, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER REVIEW: Matt Koltonow Reviews Painting War Dark Ages

Dark Ages (ref. PWN-PW007) is the seventh issue in the Painting War Series. I’ve been a fan of this series from the beginning. Each issue covers a specific army or era and offers advice for painting 28mm figures to a high standard. Issue 7 covers everything from Vikings to Crusaders and is fantastic resource, especially for SAGA players. 

Like most of the other issues this one opens with some general advice for painting. This covers your usual brush recommendation, paint range discussion and general techniques. The paints used are from quite a large variety of ranges including Vallejo, Andrea, Scale Color, and Citadel. Included in the general advice is an explanation on color harmony and outlining, the two major techniques used in this issue. 

Next there is a big section on various common colors and materials found on dark age figures. This includes a few different skin tones and things like basic tartan patterns or simple shield designs. Advice for painting Horses, wood tools and equipment is given as well as tutorials for scratch building scenic bases and flags.

The second half of the book covers painting several different figures from multiple ranges including Crusader, Gripping Beast, Foundry and a few others. Almost every army available in SAGA is covered. On each page is the painted figure as well as any new painting techniques. Each tutorial references colors covered earlier in the book and can be quickly looked up in the very nice “table of contents” located in the middle of the book. This color chart makes finding specific painting advice quite easy and makes it a pretty good resource even if you don’t paint a lot of Dark Ages stuff. 

Overall I really like this magazine and this issue in particular. As usual the quality of the paint jobs is top notch and the tutorials easy to follow. The tutorials cover a huge range of colors and subjects making it a great resource for SAGA players as well as anyone painting 
Dark Age era armies.
M Koltonow 2017

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