May 22, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER REVIEW: Charles Oldaugh Reviews Painting Miniatures from A to Z, Angel Masterclass Volume 2

Charles Oldaugh takes a look at the best selling...
Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 2
A4 softcover book contains 152 full color pages full of guides and techniques.

As an Infinity player and miniature painting addict, I was really excited when Angel Giraldez released his first Masterclass book. When I saw the second book on the shelf, I knew I had to have it. The great thing about this book is that it is a companion volume to the first one. It isn’t a simple re-telling of the first book with new photos. The first book focused on the basics of miniature painting: Glazing, washing, stippling, and points of light. This book focuses on Non-Metallic Metals (NMM) and weathering using Vallejo products. 

The opening chapter of the book explains his painting method. He covers three different colors of primer (black, grey, and white) and when to use each. Next is a section on color theory and zenithal highlighting, two very important aspects of model painting that are usually overlooked by painters. 

While the first book explained NMM, this one expands upon it. It goes in-depth into the technique and reveals the colors needed to represent silver, gold, and bronze. Each color is first shown as a ‘sketch’ to show to location of the lights and shadows, and then refined to the final product. 

Weathering is probably the most important step to making a model realistic looking. Angel covers chips, scratches and bullet holes using a brush as well as chipping medium. He also makes mud, dirt, rust, and dust with a minimal amount of products. The chapter closes with verdigris and blood. Verdigris is one of my favorite effects as it can add a splash of color to dull areas. 

Something you won’t notice at first glance, but is very important, is the diversity of skin colors that he paints in the book. Each human figure painted in this book has a different skin color, ranging from pale to dark. He even gives a step by step on an Asian fleshtone which has always given me troubles. 

Following the techniques is a series of Masterclass articles where he paints a couple models from each Infinity faction with step-by-step instruction. If I had to pick my favorite one, it would be the Guija tutorial for the Yu-Jing faction. I love the contrast between the orange/yellow armor and the dark steel NMM.
The Angel Giraldez method is a blending of brush and airbrush to create eye-catching models. To get the most out of this book you should be using an airbrush. This is not a book for casual painters. Even though this book is geared towards science fiction, painting flesh, cloth, metal, guns, and swords is useful in every genre and time period.

If you are a serious painter looking to push your skills to the limit, this is the book for you. Every page is a new challenge to meet and a chance to outshine your opponents on the battlefield. We all know that the dice gods favor the best painted army!
Charles Oldaugh May 2017

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