May 02, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER: Joseph Svec's Plastic Fun With Dioramas - Moon Base Monorail Diorama.

Joseph Svec checks in with another one of his monster dioramas created with a dizzying variety of plastic figures, scenics,  equipment and accessories
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Greetings hobby and diorama enthusiasts,
Its diorama time again! And this time we are going to the moon, with our Moon Base Monorail diorama. It is set up on a 8' x 6' table, with the Marx Moon Base playset as the center, and a Disney Monorail playset providing lunar transportation.

I utilized faux stone siding leftovers as well as many real quartz crystals for the lunar mountains, plus a huge quantity of sand. (always very handy in dioramas!) One will also see magnetic hematite stone formations in the back right corner. I also added a nod to 2001 A Space Odyssey, by adding a piece of black marble tile standing in a vertical position, as the stone monolith.

There are space figures, aliens and robots from over a dozen different makers including Marx, MPC, Lido, Tim-ee, Starlux, Britain's, Supreme, and a host of others.

Every fun diorama has a story to tell and here is the story behind my Moon Base Monorail:

Secret NASA Moon Base is revealed!
Humans in contact with multiple extraterrestrial speices!

Newly released photographs reveal that NASA has a fully functioning base on the moos, complete with a lunar monorail transportation system. During the Apollo era NASA discovered powerful quartz energy crystals on the moon and secretly setup a base to mine and process them. The activity attracted the attention of numerous extraterrestrial races and man's first ET contact took place on the moon.

The lunar turtle creatures that live in the strange magnetic rock formations are quite shy, and sensitive to being photographed.
This may seem impossible, but examine the below photos and see for yourself.

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