May 24, 2017

MATT KOLTONOW'S GAME ON! May/June Historical Wargaming Quick Looks

Incoming! Hot on the heels of Salute (the biggest wargames show in the UK) comes a huge batch of new gaming treasures. There are so many highly anticipated new releases coming in I decided to compile a list of all this great new stuff...

First are the new releases from Perry Miniatures; TravelBattle (PRM-BB2) and British Infantry for the Zulu War (PRM-VLW20). TravelBattle is the brand new complete boxed game set during Napoleons wars. This box includes everything you need to play the game including the rules, figures and terrain. The British infantry set is a box of plastic multipart British Soldiers with 38 figures usable for the Zulu War as well as the First Boer War and the Ninth Cape Frontier War.

Plastic Soldier Company has just released a new campaign supplement and a few new kits to go with it. Battlegroup Tobruk (PSC-BGK026) is the newest campaign book for the Battlegroup series covering the early war desert campaign. This book covers also covers the air landing in Crete and includes army lists for the LRDG and Auto-Saharan Company. Accompanying this is the Core Rules reprint (PSC-BGK025) which contains the core rules as well as a new normandy campaign covering the Canadian 3rd Infantry and 12th SS Panzer Divisions.

To go with the new books PSC has released a slew of new plastic kits. In 15mm theres the SdKfz 231 Armoured Car (PSC-WW2 V15031) and the British Universal Carrier (PSC-WW2 V15032). The SdKfz 231 is now also available in 1/72nd (PSC-WW2-V20025)

If ancient or medieval wargaming is a little more your speed, you won’t be disappointed. New kits from Fireforge, Gripping Beast and Victrix are now available. Fireforge has just released their new plastic Scandinavian Infantry set (FRG-FF012). This set goes great with the newly released Deus Vult: Burn & Loot rulebook (FRG-BL001). Gripping Beast has just released a new supplement for their big battle ruleset in the form of Swordpoint: Classical Army Lists (GBP-GBP12) and a new box of plastic Dark Age Archers (GBP-GBP13). These new archers are suitable for all kinds of rules including both Swordpoint and Saga as well as many others. Finally Victrix’s new Early Imperial Romans are available (VIC-VXA025).

Also new this month are a couple of new rules supplements. For Frostgrave, the new Frostgrave Folio (OSP-18508) is now available. This book is a compilation of all the previously released mini e-book supplements and collects nearly two years’ worth of Frostgrave material.

New from Warlord games is the highly anticipated supplement for Pike and Shotte; To Kill a King (WLG-201013001). This new book covers the English Civil War in detail and contains all kinds of army lists, scenarios, and historical background on the war.


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