April 25, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The Woodland Scenics Water System

Woodland Scenics has developed a new Water System for creating water effects on vignettes, dioramas, layouts and anything else you need wet! The system has a whooping 19 new products including 2 new Deep Pour waters which join the existing Realistic Water and Water Effects, 7 new water tints, 6 water under coats, 2 surface waters a white water highlight and the Dust Dabber.

SOON >> MTSC Trench Runners are working a complete review of this product

WLS-4510 Deep Pour Water - Clear
WLS-4511 Deep Pour Water - Murky
WLS-4515 Surface Water- Water Ripples (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4516 Surface Water - Water Wave (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4519 Water Tint - Navy Blue (2 fl.oz.
WLS-4520 Water Tint - Turquoise (2 fl.oz.
WLS-4521 Water Tint - Moss Green (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4522 Water Tint - Sage Green (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4523 Water Tint - Olive Drab (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4524 Water Tint - Yellow Silt (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4525 Water Tint - Murky (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4529 White Water Highlight (2 fl.oz.)
WLS-4530 Water Undercoat - Deep Blue (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4531 Water Undercoat - Navy Blue (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4532 Water Undercoat - Hunter Green (4 fl.oz.) $8.99 Available
WLS-4533 Water Undercoat - Moss Green (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4534 Water Undercoat - Olive Drab (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4535 Water Undercoat - Yellow Silt (4 fl.oz.)
WLS-4539 Dust Dabber (5.64 oz.)
Previously Released
WLS-1211 Realistic Water
WLS-1212 Water Effects
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