April 26, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: VMS - Vantage Modelling Solution

We are pleased to announce that in our never ending quest to bring you the best products on the market we are importing the Vantage Modelling Solutions aka VMS range from Poland. This is an exciting and unique new company offering auxiliary, specials, weathering, and more products range.

On first contact with man behind VMS, Chris Obarski I asked him with all the similar products on the market these days why should we add another one to the mix? What sets VMS apart?
Here is his reply...
You asked about the philosophy behind VMS. While devising products I strive to meet at least one of the following criteria, ideally all three:
- fair pricing, better value for money
- specialization
- product flexibility

First is self explanatory, take any of VMS products and you can be sure you will end up with more of the product. While many modeling companies tend to overcharge for simple products such as paint remover or white spirit VMS not only comes in bigger bottles but also costs less.

We specialize our products rather than offer generic solutions. Good examples are our flexible bond photo-etched dedicated CA glue, less milky PVA adhesive (white glue) or pigment colors premixed using synthetic and natural pigments available pure or textured. Our auxiliary weathering liquid (Universal Weathering Carrier) comes in two types appropriate for models painted with either with enamels or acrylics. Another great example are VMS pigment binders. While other companies offer a simple "pigment fixer" VMS Pigment Expert line comprises 9 pigment fixers each with different properties such as flow, resulting finish, various drying times, reversibility and so on. We take into account different needs and modeling styles and offer various solutions rather than imposing a one "do it all" product.

The flexibility: We like to offer some wiggle room for the modeler wherever applicable. The concentrates are a good example but other products are formulation friendly too. I've already mentioned the pigment binders. Another example is Smart Mud XL - competition diorama products are ready-made pastes with locked consistency, texture and finish (matt). A modeler cannot alter much and we know they love doing that. With Smart Mud XL one can mix glossy or matt paste and also regulate the consistency and texture to their liking.

So summing up VMS is fair pricing, specialization and greater leeway for the modeller.

View & Order The VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions range HERE

Visit the VMS Web Site
This philosophy was enough for us. But I'll take it one step further...VMS also supports it's product with a massive user friendly web site that is packed with more product information then any other company of its kind. Each product offers not only a complete description but recommend techniques and uses, finish, working time, compatible products and a fantastic FAQ all supported with stunning images of the product in use. Just click on the page for SMART MUD and you will find the images of product in use, how it works, a product summery and a large FAQ. Below is a quick over view of the Vantage Modelling Solutions range. One we feel will soon take your modeling options to an all new level.

NOTE: When you follow the links provided below you end up on the main page for each respective  series. By clicking on any product image you will end up on the expanded product page.

IFormulator enabled products allow you to create your own modeling supplies! Imagine mixing your own thinner, cleaning agent, diorama paste or even a weathering color! With IFormulator enabled products your workbench becomes your own laboratory and you become a smarter modeler!
VMS Description

Spot-on Pigments

Spot-on pigments are up to scale, tested-safe colors that will naturally harmonise with your model's paint coat, no matter if it's Russian green or panzer grey. Spot-ons remain accurate regardless of technique and medium used. No matter if you use them with binders (which affect color in a number of ways) or apply the pigments as simple dusting the colors will remain appropriate!  These blends contain up to 4 basic colours for maximum accuracy!

Spot-ons are 100% filler free meaning the colors are vibrant and the grain size is in order. Grain sizes are 0,2 µm and less! Light colors are mixed strictly with true white, high strength pigments. This ensures they adhere great and produce a vibrant finish. Spot-ons are a proprietary mix of both natural and synthetic pigments to ensure both great adhesion and vibrancy.

The "READY" icon signifies a pigment that has been premixed for you. Simply combine it with your chosen binder or use alone. You will end up with a great result in any case. 

Spot-on pigments is the first pigment line to include dedicated sure-fire mixing colours. Pigments with "MIX" icon in their description are dedicated for mixing. Mixing your unique dream colour is a snap now!
VMS Description

Pigment Expert Binders
VMS offers three types of professional weathering powder fixers with different properties. Violet label are fast curing, reversible solvent-based ENML 2.0 fixers. Yellow label Alkyds are slow curing long open time fixers and green label are acrylic fixers.
VMS Description
Smart Thinners
Thin like a pro with VMS broad spectrum thinners! Now you don't need to choose between small volume stock thinners and big canisters of questionable quality technical products. VMS meets you halfway - high purity thinners tested for modeling supplied in proper volumes! Never run of thinner again and formulate more acrylic or enamel thinner whenever you need it!

Airbrush Thinner 2.0 
Acrylic or Enamel Ready-made Thinner
Wide spectrum thinner for all modeling. Formula includes levelling and homogenizing agents + flow improver. Ensures viscosity optimal for airbrushing, remedies common problems such as paint running, cracking, pin-holing or "sandpaper effect" (flocked, coarse surface). Doesn't dry too fast which eliminates airbrush clogging, especially on hot days. Can be well used while painting with a brush - softens brush marks, and levels the coat. Paint thinned with Airbrush Thinners 2.0 won't exhibit broken pigment dispersion even if heavily diluted. Very low odor. Tested with all contemporary brands.

Airbrush Thinner 2.0 
Acrylic or Enamel Concentrate
Make airbrush thinner all by yourself! This is the first and only concentrated DIY airbrush thinner for self formulation. Mix with distilled water to produce your own sure-fire airbrush thinner. Mixing ratio is 2 parts thinner 3 parts water. One 200 ml bottle of concentrate equals whooping 500 ml of ready-made product! You will never run out of airbrush thinner again! See it in action w/video

Universal Weathering Carrier Standard
One carrier for all your weathering needs! Wide spectrum hydrocarbon complex with finely tuned aliphatic and aromatic content and medium evaporation rate. Indispensable while working with either Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders. Great for thinning, removing excessive binders and pigments, creating special effects. Compatible with other brands of enamel weathering products and classic enamels. Substitute for more harmful agents such as classic turpentine.

IMPORTANT: This carrier is safe to use over any acrylic coat but if you do your weathering over an enamel coat you should use light version which is much less likely to damage an enamel coat. Recommended techniques: brush Combine with: All enamel paints and weathering products, Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders, pigments.

Universal Weathering Carrier Light
Special purpose carrier to be used over enamel base coats and other enamel based paint jobs. This carrier variant is safe to use over enamel base coats by the following brands: Humbrol, Revell, Testors & Model Master
VMS Description
Pro Techincals
Cleaners that won't quit! Cost effective, low odor technical liquids for any cleaning task. More than that, VMS proudly introduces concentrates into the modeling world. Easily formulate your own technical liquids, save on shipping and enjoy liquids that will meet your requirements better. Available for acrylic or enamel’s. VMS Pro cleaners are low odor, next generation cleaning agents. VMS coupled high solvency power with medium evaporation rates which makes working with VMS cleaners much more comfortable as it takes much longer for Cleaners Pro to create a cloud of fumes in your workplace. And better, instead of evaporating in seconds like traditional cleaning liquids do, Cleaners Pro stay in your airbrush for a bit longer - you don't need to pour more cleaner that often - deep cleaning and soaking are much more effective now. Cleaners Pro don't contain acetone, MEK, toluene or similar industrial "heavies". Both you and your airbrush will feel the difference, less headache for you, less damage to washers inside your tool!

Airbrush Cleaners Pro Solution
Ready-made, low odor, water-based cleaning agent for all popular acrylic paints. Copes with any kind of water-based acrylic paint, lubricates your airbrush during the cleaning process and leaves it squeaky clean. Easily rinsed with tap water. Good for fresh and old paint. Apart from your airbrush, you can obviously clean regular brushes and other tools too! Can be diluted using 1:1 ratio to yield extra product!

Airbrush Cleaners Pro Concentrate
Concentrated version of VMS cleaning agent for acrylics. Just mix with tap water to produce up to 1000 ml of cleaning solution using 200ml of concentrate. Save money and time, whenever you run out of cleaners you can simply mix a new batch instead of ordering more cleaners on-line. Work like a pro, easily prepare strong solution to quickly get rid of stubborn, old paint residue, formulate economical, light variant for regular work and use it while changing colours or when your job is done. Typical mixing ratios are provided for you on the label. Ultrasonic cleaner compatible. See In Action w/video

Clean Slate Remover 2.0
Sometimes things go wrong, and your model receives an imperfect paint job. Don't worry, what seems like a failed model now will soon be ready for a new primer coat and the whole problem a distant memory! With Clean Slate Remover 2.0 you will be able to easily remove paint off of your model with absolutely zero damage to polystyrene. Clean Slate is truly polystyrene friendly acrylic paint remover/stripper like no other. Parts may be in prolonged contact with it, you can soak them for days even. Plastic won't discolor or become brittle. Even CLEAR PARTS are OK to be cleaned with Clean Slate! No other remover can do that! See In Action

HD Diorama
Terrain formation products and auxiliaries that will make your diorama stand out. Realistic, up to scale, versatile and cost-effective just the thing you need to quickly whip up your dream base.
VMS Description 

Smart Mud:
Smart Mud allows you to quickly prepare tons of high definition diorama texturing paste whenever you need it. To start modeling your terrain you simply need to mix three bundled ingredients. Contrarily to pre-made pastes Smart Mud offers a great deal of flexibility - you can adjust thickness, finish and texture so that the paste is more to your liking! Being a DIY product Smart Mud yields plenty of diorama texturing paste that is always factory-fresh!
See it in action

Sand & Ballast Freeze is capillary action acrylic adhesive with very low surface tension formulated to bond loose material such as sand, gravel, rubble or ballast. Allows for bonding together very tiny, even micronised grains, without disrupting the structures they are forming, tested with both fine 40 µm sands (0,04 mm) and coarse gravel up to several millimetres in diameter. Saturated terrain, can be further shaped after application. Making foot prints, dunes, tire or track prints in wet structures is easier than before!
See it in action

Specialised Adhesives make for nice and clean cementing.
Good cements equal less frustration and more productive work, check out VMS standard and special purpose cements

FLEXY 5K CA Contact Adhesive For Photo-Etched
Company's favorite glue for cementing photo-etched parts. This CA glue forms flexible bond that withstands much more punishment than classic brittle CA. This essentially means less accidentally lost parts and more productive and enjoyable work as there is much less need to reglue vulnerable parts. Extended open time (150% the standard CA) allows for good positioning of the parts.You also will be able to glue tricky parts (both PS and metal) that produce tension. Flexy is less aggressive and more easily removed when necessary it doesn't "eat plastic" as classic CAs

FLEXY 5K CA Contact Adhesive For Diorama
Flexy 5K for diorama comes in handy whenever PVA is too slow and standard CA too fast or brittle. The product composition allows greater manipulation window (200% the standard CA) + the resulting bond has greater flexibility. You will be able to position the diorama elements better and more precisely without risking premature bond formation. Permanently fix figures, vehicles, foliage, rocks, bricks, debris and the like. Flexy 5K CA for diorama copes well with porous materials
VMS Description w/video

Special Purpose & Auxiliary Products. 

Hull Tex
Unique solution for creating realistic aggregate based anti-slip textures as seen on modernised variants of M1 Abrams or Merkava tanks. The bundle contains proprietary slow curing, high solids adhesive and high purity sieved texturing material (aggregate). The application process is similar to real life ant-slip creation procedure.

"Standard" type is used to create even aggregate based anti-slip patterns. Standard type reacts with plastic.

"Scattered" type is used to create irregular aggregate based anti-slip patterns. Scattered type doesn't react with plastic and is reversible with VMS Clean Slate.
VMS Description w/video

Be sure Check out the VMS You Tube Channel for latest videos

Here's a nice look VMS products from Scale Models. It's in Russian (subtitled in English) so just mute the volume.


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