April 18, 2017

FARLEY'S FIGURE OF THE WEEK #150: It's Spring – Think Green!

          Green Army Men - Defending Truth, Justice, And The Plastic Way Of Life
It's spring and everything's gone green! What better time to pay tribute to the coolest green of all...Green Army Men. We begin part one of our multi part Toys in the Attic series on the history of these proverbial little green guys with a video from David Fain.


For many American boys, playing with army men and blowing them up with fireworks is almost a rite of passage. Little green army men have been capturing the hearts of boys and men alike for over half a century. Blame it on the hunting gene and being part of the violent human race, boys just seem to know what to do when they have access to ‘wonderfully colored plastic war toys.’-

My childhood memories are full of countless hours of being on my stomach, floor or dirt, staring down dozens upon dozens of brightly colored green army men. Frozen in amazingly epic poses, these little soldiers exploded through my young mind in an imaginary telling of battles and wars. Yes, even the flag carriers and the communications and radio guys had a role, albeit a small and often short one. Ask any guy whether they can remember the “cardinal” green army guy positions, and they will list off the crawling guy, loading a mortar guy, throwing a grenade guy, minesweeper guy, bazooka guy.

Green plastic army men were a perennial, not only dangling from grocery store shelves, but they were also available via mail order from the backs of comic books. Green Army Men were tremendous fun right out of the bag. There were always enough that you didn't have to worry too much about losing men in backyard skirmishes or turning them into polystyrene green puddles under a magnifying glass or blowing them to bits with an M-80. I imagine that it's their disposable and cheap nature that has kept army men around in toy, hobby  and grocery aisles for more than half a century. 

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