April 04, 2017

FARLEY'S FIGURE OF THE WEEK #148: Cherilea Baseball Players

It's Opening Day!
"Play Ball!" Yup…those magical words of many a spring day bring back memories of youth, opening day with dad, kicking around the neighborhood sandlot all day with friends, baseball cards into the spokes of the Stingray. What could be a better notice that Spring is here and that summer is not far behind.

In the immortal words of Ernie Banks...‘Let’s Play Two’... Go Tigers!

FOTW #148
What better way to start the new season with this extremely rare set of Cherilea Baseball Players as our Figure of The Week. Although The Game of baseball has often been referred to as America’s Pastime, it received scant attention from traditional toy soldier manufacturers. An exception was an English firm called Cherilea, which in the late 1940s began producing 54mm hollowcast figures of mainly British and American military types. However, the company also issued novelty figures, including spacemen and ballet dancers. Among the novelties was an 11-piece set of American baseball players intended for the U.S. market. Included in the set were seven infielders and outfielders, a pitcher in full throwing motion, a catcher, a batter and an umpire giving the safe sign. The set was packaged in a display box marked Cherilea Products, with a full color lid showing knights and Crusaders, Indians, British Guardsmen and other colorful units, as well as troops in modern battledress and farm figures-but, alas, no baseball figures. This extremely rare set sold at auction for $2000.00 about 10 years ago.

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