March 31, 2017

WWI in 1/35: Takom International World War I Kits

‘Big Bertha’ (German: Dicke Bertha)—literal translation "Fat (or heavy) Bertha"—is the name of a type of super-heavy howitzer developed by the armaments manufacturer Krupp in Germany on the eve of World War I. Its official designation was the L/12, i.e., the barrel was 12 calibre in length, 42-cm (16.5 inch) Type M-Gerät 14 (M-Equipment 1914) Kurze Marine-Kanone ("short naval gun", a name intended to camouflage the weapon's real purpose).

The complete range of Takom International World War I model kits in 1:35th scale

TAO-2002 WWI St. Chamond Early Type French Heavy Tank 
TAO-2008 WWI British Heavy Battle Tank Mark IV Male 
TAO-2009 WWI British Heavy Battle Tank Mark IV Female 
TAO-2010 WWI British MK.IV Hermophrodite 
TAO-2012 WWI St.Chamond (Late Type) WWI French Heavy Tank 
TAO-2015 WWI Male Tadpole British WWI Heavy Tank 
TAO-2025 WWI British Whippet Medium Tank 
TAO-2031 WWI British WWI MK.I Male
December 2015 Release
TAO-2032 WWI German Krupp 21cm Morser 10/16 
TAO-2033 British WWI MK.I Female

TAO-2034 WWI British MK. V Heavy Tank 3-in-1 Kit
TAO-2035 German WWI Big Bertha 42cm Seige Howitzer 

TAO-2076 WWI Heavy Battle Tank MK.IV 2 in 1

TAO-2008X WWI Workable Track Link Set for ALL British WWI MK.IV Heavy Tanks

The complete range of Takom International World War I model kits in 1:35th scale

Courtesy of WarDrawings


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