March 01, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER Nathan Hutchison puts the Andrea Ink set through it's paces

ACS-006 Andrea Color Inks Set
Hey ya’ll, this is review of the Andrea brand Ink Set. I wanted to do a quick write up on this set to express my appreciation of it. Inks and I have always had a rocky relationship. I’d often find myself battling with them get the correct coverage, tone, and finish. Previously, I had only used GW inks/washes and they didn’t perform well. They would finish either chalky, or too glossy, and would spew out of the pot bottles.

So, because of their poor quality I removed using inks from my painting regiment completely. Yet one day I found myself looking at a model I wanted to test inks on again.  So, I bit the bullet and picked up a set of inks from a brand I trust and used ‘em for a quick paint job.

Model is from the Arena Rex Line, 28mm
This guy has really nice and fun metallic options, with plenty of flesh and cloth. Just my type of model. When I first bought the model I envisioned him as an ancient-ruin- guardian. Not dead, but frozen in time. So I chose a palette of pale greens and blues, with red and brown/orange accents.

On the wet palette I laid out the flesh tones on the bottom right, all the inks on the top left, and a dab of water in between.  I like organizing all my intended colors prior to laying them on the model. It helps me stay consistent.

The ink colors included are brown, black, red, blue, green, and yellow. I initially chose this set over another popular set (Army Painter) because of these core colors. You can make really any saturated tone with them, so variation really isn’t an issue.

This ancient guardian has pale blue flesh, and old, oxidized bronze armor. I did a quick wet-blend of the flesh, laid the bronze, and then applied blue ink washes and glazes of green, blue, and brown .

Again, I apologize about the picture quality of these WIP…I’ll get there! Hopefully you can pick out the tonal differences in the armor. FYI, I only laid inks on the metallic portions of the model. They lay nice and satin, and dilute very well. Most importantly, they don’t dry chalky. I am very pleased with them, and will continue to use them to shade metallics.  Another nice note is that they come in dropper bottle with droplet dispensers (note the orange tips). This is a helpful way to control your dose, because the quantity needed from the inks—for most surfaces—is low.

Here is another example of the nice toning. I laid down a creamy brown on the base, and ink glazed with greens and browns. I really enjoyed the finish. Definitely added some age and character to the base.

The finished figure
Verdict: Great set, worth the cost. They will last you a long time. Enjoy!
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