March 18, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Dust Dabber Part 1...A Little Dab'll Do Ya!

I'm always on the lookout for that next "Cool, Must Have" product. I think I found another one with Woodland Scenics new Dust Dabber. Billed to..."Keep your models looking new! This reusable Dabber safely removes dust, dirt, and debris from your water features. Also use Dust Dabber on other solid surfaces around your scenes"...and guess what? It works. It works really well. If you remember Gak or Slime (from Nickelodeon) or even Ghostbusters Slimer then Dust Dabber will be a memory inducing welcome to your hobby arsenal. I have to assume this was designed with model railroaders in mind but this is the product of 1001 uses to the collector/hobbiest. 

If like me, your displays and dioramas are dust magnets. Sure compressed air works ok but more times then not dust wins. Soft brush? Yup they work ok too! But if you really want to put the hurt on dust without damaging, scratching or otherwise altering your display then "A Little Dab'll Do Ya"! 

We have several dioramas here at the shop with water features and the water seems to be a dust magnet. Dust dulls the longer an issue. Rip off a hunk of Dabber...blot on the water and goodbye dust! No film, no marks, no nothing but beautiful clear, clean water! Dust Dabber goes right into the MTSC Hobby Hall of Fame. 

Next time...I'll attack the dust on figures and see how the Dust Dabber stacks up against compressed air or a soft brush.

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