March 31, 2017

MEET YOUR MAKER: Armand P. Bayardi

Many roads lead starting a business and every business has real people behind the curtain. But who are these people and how did they get here? We've found more times then not it starts with a passion, an inspiration and somewhere along the road a mentor may have played a part. A father and son building a model together, locked in pitched toy soldier battles with a brother, a group of friends getting together in a winner take all in duel on the gaming table. Like we said there are many roads along the way and from time to time we like to peel back the curtain put a name and face on the products we offer. With that said it's time to...

MEET YOUR MAKER!  Armand P. Bayardi....

I was born in 1948 into a family of jewelers and engravers. They were craftsmen who brought their skills from Europe to America many years ago. I was raised in an environment that stressed honesty, hard work and attention to detail. One of my fondest memories is of going into the shop as a boy and learning how to use the jeweler’s tools.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved miniatures and making small things. In 1968, Uncle Sam invited me into the U.S. Army. When I returned from Vietnam in 1970, I entered the family business. I worked at making molds and casting gold and platinum.

In 1971, Betsy and I got married. We’ve weathered all of the highs and lows together – raising two fine children along the way. Today, Betsy is an integral part of my business. Mostly, she reminds how to be nice.

I was involved in various aspects of the jewelry trade until 1992. At that time, I decided to start up a company to provide miniaturists with accessories and various groundwork and architectural elements cast in resin. The skill sets for making masters and molds, I had, but casting resin was very different from casting precious metals. After much trial and error, I developed a casting technique that met my quality standards. As they say, the rest is history.

My infatuation with models began as a kid. Back then speed was the most important thing - I wanted that model built! Using Testors glue straight out of the tube, I could assemble that Monogram tank or plane in record time. Today, my love of modeling is as strong as ever, but I'm not winning any awards for speed.  I learned the most important skill any modeler will ever have - patience.

When I started my business the products were made with figure painters in mind. As time went by, I expanded the line to include armor modeling - the area that most interests me.

Mine is truly a cottage industry; there is no manufacturing plant in China. It all comes from my “cottage”. From prototype to packaging – I do it all, the ultimate quality control. All that I try to do is provide my fellow miniaturists with the best product that I can make.

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  1. What a compelling story by the way my father is a goldsmith by trade!