March 04, 2017

It's the WEEKEND and THE HOUSE of NONSENSE awaits you!

It's the WEEKEND and THE HOUSE of NONSENSE awaits you! Here joy reigns supreme and the fun never stops... so join the party at Michigan Toy Soldier this weekend. We are open Friday 11-6 ET and 11-5 ET Saturday & Sunday.
We are the Purveyors of Fine Historical Miniatures & All Related Paraphernalia Since 1996. We have everything you need to to make your project AMAZING! And..our crack staff is ready to help. Too far? Our BRAND NEW website is 24/7. Phone us at 888.642.4869.
There's CASH in that STASH!
We Buy, Sell, Trade Collections and Accumulations of New & Old Toy Soldiers, Historical Miniatures, Historical Reference Books, Militaria, Armor & Aircraft, Vintage- Toys, Games, Paper Products, Model & Figure kits and related paraphernalia. We also accept consignments.
Always looking for quality Toy Soldier collections including but not exclusive to…
Barclay, Barzso, Manoil, American Metal, Elastolin, Lineol, Marx, Timpo, Airfix, ESCI, Xiloplasto, Cromoplasto, Chialu, Nardi, Britains, Herald, Timpo, Starlux, Reamsa, Cherilea, Jecsan, JoHillco, Durso, Imperial Productions, Conte Collectibles, Mignot, Clairet, Trophy of Wales, King & Country, The St. Petersburg Collection, John Jenkins, Collectors Showcase and all other makers of metal and plastic figures any in any scale.
Always looking for quality model kit collections including but not exclusive to… 
Aurora, Pyro, Tamiya, Dragon, Revell, AFV, Trumpeter, Hobby Boss, Meng, Takom, Mirage, Miniart, AMF, Polar Lights, Moebius, MPC, Monogram etc.
Always looking for quality armor & aircraft collections including but not exclusive to… 
21st Century Toys, Forces of Valor, Corgi, Dragon Action Figures, Dragon Armor (loose or boxed)
Please call toll free 1-888-642-4869 or email to get a quote or for our consignment terms and conditions. 

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