March 17, 2017

Fridays with Farley! Another Dose of Useless Tidbits

From the MTSC Trenches...
Well...March is turning out to be quite the exciting month. First came a wind storm that knocked out power to 800,000 houses including ours here in Detroit and followed by 4-6” of snow Monday and temps in the 20s since. It is March right? But weather aside its been a good month for hobbies


We continue to receive some nice collections including a batch of Conte metal & plastic, We've been listing a large collection of 21st Century Toys  and Forces of Valor vehicles, figures and aircraf and we continue to add new listing almost daily.

We received a restock shipment from the UK of some of our best selling diorama & terrain books and Panzer : The German Tanks Encyclopedia & Messerschmitt Bf 109 : The Complete Monography from Caraktere Publishing.


- Ultima Ratio has 4 new 1/72nd sets including 2 WWII and 2 medieval. All should arrive early the week of the 20th. 
- Mars has 3 different artillery sets from the 15,16 & 17th century. Mars is also releasing another Vietnam set in 1/32nd scale. This one is U.S. Army Special Forces - Green Berets. All should arrive early the week of the 20th. 
- Expeditionary Force has released 3 sets of Naval Landing Parties for the Anglo-Zulu War. 
- Imex restocked 20+ sets of their 1/72nd scale figures. Perfect for school projects they have dried up over the last couple of years but are finally available again.


Winging their way to us now and due anytime….
- Linear-B and their 1/72nd scale Ancient Roman sets. 
- Germania, Nikolai, Muchich and Hecker & Goros 1/72nd figure sets
- Scenics from Joefix

Armor & Aircraft

- After a prolonged gap between releases, War Master is now poised to come back in a big way. One slight change is that the War Master brand has now been fully integrated into its parent company's product range – Solido. Aside from a few changes to the box art, War Master by Solido will continue to offer a varied range of military Armor and Warbirds in 1:72 scale, picking up right where the last set of releases left off. This new line-up includes two aircraft that are sure to excite collectors – A Heinkel He 219 "Uhu" Night Fighter and a Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero that can be configured with conventional landing gear as an A6M2 "Zeke" or on floats as the A6M2-N "Rufe". Additionally, check out the richly detailed three piece set consisting of a monstrous Sd.Kfz.9 Half-Track towing an Fw 190 atop a Sd.Ah.116 Recovery Trailer. Pre-order & Save HERE

- We are thrilled to announce the rebirth of Forces of Valor. As many of you know, Unimax ceased production of Forces of Valor in 2013 and left a gaping hole in the diecast market as a result. Thankfully, the tooling was purchased and brought back to life under the name Forces of Valor Hobbies Limited. The new factory has been working diligently for the past year at restoring and improving the extensive set of tooling in order to restart production in 2017. The entire product line will eventually be brought back to life over the course of 2017/2018. Additionally, many new tools will be added along the way.

Production will begin with eight of the most popular 1:700 ships to be released in May and June of this year. These have been updated with new features including a beautiful display stand and an all-new “Ocean Wave” packaging blister than doubles as an alternate waterline display base. Additionally, there are four new 1:700 aircraft carrier toolings planned for the series: The Chinese "LiaoNing", the British "HMS Invincible", the "USS Kitty Hawk"” and the French "Charles de Gaulle". Pre-order & Save HERE

Following the re-introduction of the 1:700 ships, we can expect to see many other collector favorites announced in the coming weeks including 1:32 Armor, 1:72 Aircraft and Helicopters, 1:48 Helicopters and 1:72 Armor. Again, releases will begin with upgraded versions of existing tooling to be followed by many exciting new toolings.

- W Britains Figures Arriving Shortly

Just received notice from W Britains that their next batch of figures will be shipping to dealers the week of March 20th. That means we will have them late in the week And ready to drop into your collection. We will have the eagerly awaited Ambushing Woodland Indians limited edition set, two of the greatest American Presidents, Civil War Civilians, Warring Saxons & Vikings, A British Admiral and German WWII soldier. 
Still time to Pre-order for fast delivery right HERE

• Digital Delights...

Ammo of MIG 2017 Catalog

Now Available for Download

Army Painter 2017 Technique Guide
Now Available for Download

Blitzscales Modelling Magazine Issue 5Now Available for Download

• Benched...
Not sure if I have that color?

• Built
Billy The Kid
How many can you name? Click to enlarge

• Quickies
Priming your models is very important, especially with today’s acrylic paints and multi-media kits. This new range of primers from AMMO Mig Jimenez are among the best on the market: they can be applied with either an airbrush or a plain old-fashioned brush. I have shot a couple of these through my Iwata airbrush (at the recommended 20-30 psi) and can testify that these go on easily and dry to a really nice, smooth finish. The One Shot Primer comes in White (ref. AMIG-2022), Black (ref. AMIG-2023) and Gray (ref. AMIG-2024). Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

The company line....
- Formulated for every kind of surface
- High gripping power.
- Fast dry, sandable within 24 hours.
- Self-leveling formula preserves all fine details.
- Ready for direct use, no thinner or dilution needed.
- No drip system incorporated in the cap.

from AFV Modeller (ref. AFV-SA1)

Modern Russian armor is certainly flavor of the month t the moment and the guys at AFV Modeller, the bi-monthly modelling magazine, have come to the party with a slightly unusual and specialist book which presents three models based on the rusting wrecks of ex-Soviet armor photographed by Sergey Buyanov in a scrapyard in Ussuriysk, Russia. 

The three models are presented by three of the best modelers working in the UK today: AFV Modeller editor David Parker, Mark Neville and Andy Taylor. Parker’s model, which takes up 45 pages, nearly half the book, is breathtaking. It is a rusting T-62, broken in three pieces and being examined by a worker. The interior is fully scratchbuilt and the attention to detail is second to none. The painting and weathering are superb and the groundwork top class. The figure, a simple man in an overall, is one of the best painted figures to accompany armor I’ve seen. Mark Neville’s T-62 BDD is another excellent model. The depiction of worn and rusted paint is first rate. Andy Taylor has a reputation as an expert on Soviet armor and his model, a heavily rusted T-55 photographed at the Kharkov Tank Factory in Ukraine confirms this. Again, the attention to detail and the different techniques used to replicate the carefully observed effects seen on the tank hull are excellent. The 42 pages of photos of rusting tank hulks, mainly T-62s with some T-64, will be eagerly examined by fans of Soviet armour and will certainly provide inspiration for many modelers. Overall, this is an excellent publication, the design and reproduction are characteristically excellent and the models themselves are of of the the highest quality. Very highly recommended.

Haunebu II - German Flying Saucer

Squadron’s first foray into kit production is unusual to say the least, taking inspiration from ‘what if’ tales of German flying experiments during World War II. Accompanied by a neat alternative history, its 1/72 Haunebu II flying saucer looks as if it has just escaped a 1950s B-movie. Squadron has left nothing out; highly articulated parts, four color instruction manual, and high end packaging. The packaging features amazing art by world renowned illustrator, Vincenzo Auletta and the Instruction Manual features a brief history on this infamous WW II project lead by the Luftwaffe beginning in the late 1930s. Fact or Fantasy – only you can decide if this top secret documented project in Hitler’s Third Reich ever took flight. Was Germany able to develop manned space flight decades before the US/Soviet space race? Had science advanced further than anyone in the western world even dreamed of back in the early 1940s? 

The kit has been crafted in 1:72 scale purposefully to encourage creation of dioramas with other 1:72 scale WW II models to complement a Haunebu II scenario. Exterior detail is rendered as  a combination of raised rivets and engraved panel lines, and careful weathering will yield a spectacular finish. All five turrets (main upper and four ventral) feature fully articulated guns, and there are separate wheel wells for the four sets of landing gear. The interior isn’t neglected, with a full crew compartment and seating for all nine operatives…there’s even an access ramp/ladder leading to the central hub. A single RLM 62/75/78 splinter-camouflage scheme is offered, which gives the completed model a menacing appearance, with notional markings for one of five machines assigned to Haunebu Geschwader, Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica in 1944.

• The Parting Shot       


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