April 14, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT UPDATE: W Britain March-April 2017 Releases + Catalog Info

W Britain
Upcoming Releases...The new 2017 Spring Catalog releases have been announced. Highlights include ACW limbers & crews, Napoleonic Nassau Grenadiers and personalities in the Museum collection including Pershing, Churchill, Kitchener and Kaiser Wilhelm. These are now available for pre-order. HERE

View & Download a PDF of the 2017 Spring Catalog HERE

W Britain
Once a year Britains issues a comprehensive stock catalog of the entire range currently available. The 2017 edition clocks in at a whopping 68 pages all in full color glory.
View & Download a PDF of the 2017Stock Catalog HERE

W Britain
Latest Releases...
The latest batch of releases from Britains include the fantastic Ambushing Woodland Indians limited edition set, two of the greatest American Presidents, Civil War civilians, warring Saxons & Vikings, A British Admiral and a German WWII soldier. 

31272 American Civil War - "Mr. Dayfield" Young Civilian Man Standing 
31273 American Civil War - "Mr. Johnson" Middle-aged Man Standing 
31274 American Civil War - "Mrs. Johnson" Middle-aged Woman Standing

16046 Clash of Empires - "The Ambush" Native Warriors Firing From Cover - 3 Piece Set

10054 Museum Collection - George Washington 1780-83 
10055 Museum Collection - Abraham Lincoln 1861-65
13028 Jack Tars & Leathernecks - Admiral Nelson 

62120 Wrath of the Northmen - "Hereward" Saxon Pushing With Shield 
62121 Wrath of the Northmen - "Gostav" Viking Pushing With Shield 

25048 WWII - German Volksgrenadier Walking with K-98 No.1 

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