February 04, 2017

TRENCH RUNNER: Joseph Svec's Plastic Fun With Dioramas A Grand Castle Siege!

Joseph Svec checks in with another one of his monster dioramas created with a dizzying variety of plastic figures, scenics,  equipment and accessories
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Greetings Hobbyists and toy soldier collectors, Its diorama time again.
As a child I really enjoyed creating dioramas with my toy knights and toy soldiers. Now as an adult it is even more fun, as I have greater resources and more figures. And It is very simple to set up epic sized dioramas. The detail and quality of toy buildings and scenery available today is outstanding! And we must not forget the sand and lichen.

Below we have a 9'x5' Grand Castle Siege Diorama, with 615 figures from 21 different manufactures, plus 3 siege towers, 4 trebuchets, 7 campaign tents, 11 ballistae, and 16 catapults. One hundred knights are mounted, organized into six different groups.

The observant hobbyist will notice that the custom castle walls and Playmobil buildings are the same ones that were used in the previous blog entry featuring a 1700's Port Royal Harbor.  There are many buildings and scenery pieces that can be used in multiple eras.  The two dark brown, with green trim foam rock formations in the far left rear corner of the diorama, are from the Paragon Scenics Cavalry vs Apache series of figures and scenery. The remainder of scenery pieces were made by myself using Woodland scenic rock molds, plaster and misc. chunks of foam. Again, they can be used in dioramas of any era.

The mounted knights are organized into six groups. The castle defenders feature groups of silver knights, gold knights, red and silver knights, and blue and silver knights, all inside the castle, and one additional group counterattacking around the forward side of the castle, having exited from the sally port in the rear wall of the castle. The mounted attackers are organized into one large cavalry charge.

The diorama features knights by Britains, Herald, Timpo, Timpo copies, Airfix, Accurate, Dulcop, Elastolin, Jean, HTF, Ludorev, Safari, Schylling, Simba Germany, Supreme, ToySmith, D&D Distributing, Forces of Valor, Belgium Toy Soldiers and two unknown manufacturers. Siege equipment shown features siege towers by Safari, Britains, and Jean. The campaign tents are by Timpo and Schylling.

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