May 31, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: The Painting War Series: Volume 8: The American Civil War

Painting War

Painting War is a book series out of Spain (published in English)Each issue of PaintingWar focuses on a particular period and army. For instance Issue 1 focuses on WWII German Army and Issue 2 covers the Napoleonic French army. The book lays out a step-by-step guide to preparing and painting figures including sections on Uniforms & Equipment, Weapons, Cavalry, Artillery & Horses and much more. Issue 1 features the work of  Ruben Torregrosa aka "Heresybrush", the Warlord Games master painter. Issue 2 features the work of Rafael Pérez "Archiduqe" , the painting techniques of Claudia Zuminich are featured in issue 3 and José Antonio Bustamante is featured in issue 4. Painting War Volume 5 is the second Painting War volume By Rubén "HeresyBrush" Torregrossa.

These are excellent books for painting small scale figures such as 15mm, 1/72nd scale and 28mm but can be applied to all scales when needed. View our listings HERE

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PWN-PW008 Painting War Volume 8
The American Civil War
Special issue for painting American Civil War armies. This complete guide for American Civil War armies lays out via the step-by-step process...preparing & painting figures including sections on uniforms & equipment, weapons, cavalry, artillery & horses and much more. A special section features 25 different ACW miniatures painted by Ángel Aparicio of Oniria Miniatures each of which is featured on its own individual page showing how to paint that particular figure. A must have for modelers of small scale 15mm, 28mm & 1/72nd scale figures.
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The Painting War Series...
PWN-PW001 Painting War Volume 1
The German Army in WWII
This premier issue covers WWII Germans. In it you will find "Step by Step" painting guides for different types of German soldiers. From a general painting guide of a 28mm figure, up how to paint the emblems of helmets or the different camouflages used by Germans. In addition, this issue includes a 15mm painting guide, for those who prefer to play with smaller scales. Included is three pages with information about epaulettes colors and rank symbols from all branches of the German army. Finally, over 36 painted show models (one per page) all painted by Ruben Torregrosa aka "Heresybrush". From Grenadiers in the 1939 invasion of France, to Fallchirmsjägers that fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Thus, this publication offers the possibility to find all info you need to paint your small scale German figures to play Bolt Action, Flames of War, or for any destination you want.

PWN-PW002 Painting War Volume 2
Napoleonic French Army 
Focusing on the Napoleonic French army, Issue 2 of PW collects everything you learn the miniatures painting techniques of Rafael Pérez "Archiduqe" in a "Step by Step" format. PW2 features 21 miniatures painted exclusively for this publication, each of which is featured on its own individual pages showing how to paint that particular figure. Painting guides feature Vallejo paint numbers and covers everything from Skin, Muskets, Hair, to Uniforms to you name it. If it applies to Napoleonic French it's here! Color charts, Insignia and brief historical background are also featured. The book covers all different types of infantry, cavalry and even how to paint French artillery. Both Line and Guard figures are covered. This book can also be used to paint figures from other conflicts such as the American Civil War as the uniform colors (blue) are virtually the same as are the equipment and other aspects.Once again there is a page of tips on painting smaller (15mm) figures.

PWN-PW003 Painting War Volume 3**
WWII U.S. & Japanese Armies
This issue follows the same format as the first two volumes with 94 pages and features Claudia Zuminich's painting techniques for U.S. & Japanese armies during WWII. It includes a "Step by Step"  guide and 37 different miniatures (one per page) painted exclusively for this publication. As with the other Painting War volumes there are plenty of guides on painting individual pieces of kit and uniform, including webbing, jackets, helmets, Japanese cloth etc etc. It shows off some pretty impressive techniques to really dirty up your figure and give it some real battlefield personality using materials from AK interactive like rust streaks to simulate dried blood. 
Includes a free figure with a accompanying painting S-B-S included in the book
**As an added bonus painting War 3 has (Quick Response) QR codes that when scanned (many free apps are available) will take you to the tutorial. There are five How-to and two Galleries or trailers.

PWN-PW004 Painting War Volume 4
Napoleonic British Army 
Following the same format as previous volumes Napoleonic British Army collects everything you need to use the José Antonio Bustamante techniques to painting miniatures including "Step by Step" of 27 painted miniatures, that Bustamente has painted exclusively for this publication. Also included are six pages of Rank Insignia for infantry, artillery, cavalry, the Royal Navy and the KGL. As with volume 2 this book can also be used to paint figures from other 18th & 19th century conflicts where red and gray uniforms are used. Once again there is a page of tips on painting smaller (15mm) figures.
Includes a free figure with a accompanying painting S-B-S included in the book
PWN-PW005 Painting War Volume 5
Spanish Civil War
...presents a guide to painting both sides of the conflict including campaign uniforms, artillery, machine guns, horses, weapons and basing. representative insignias and rank markings of both armies are also covered. This is the second Painting War volume By Rubén"HeresyBrush" Torregrossa. HeresyBrush also wrote the very first PW issue The German Army in WWII. Like the previous title Spanish Civil War includes his amazing step-by-step method to painting miniatures throughout the 88 pages of this softcover book including 40 pages, each covering one individual figure.
Includes a free figure with a accompanying painting S-B-S included in the book

PWN-PW006 Painting War Volume 6
Feudal Japan 
...presents Antonio Pena's painting techniques and tips, giving to you all the keys for painting all kinds of Feudal Japan miniatures. Covers 29 different miniatures. 88 pages.

PWN-PW007 Painting War Volume 7
Dark Ages
...collects everything you need to see the Alberto Mateos (AVAHN Art Studio) painting miniatures techniques. It includes an amazing step by step and 39 painted miniatures (28mm), that Alberto has painted exclusively for this publication. 104 pages.

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