August 02, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: FC Modeltips Series by Federico Collada

FC Modeltips 2
Federico Collada is back with the second volume of the FC Modeltips book series and 24 all new articles on simple yet unique detailing, building and painting tips & tricks for modeling using home made products. There are also articles on coherence theory, advice on creating photo montages, and tricks to save you money while elevating your model to a higher level. Lot's of great material here that hasn't been published in any other how do guide.

Chapters on...
1 The scale effect and the atmospheric perspective
2 Cobblestones
3 Towing cables
4 Headlights
5 Cardboard boxes
6 Vinyl backpacks
7 Filling holes in seconds
8 Textures 1
9 Periscopes
10 Liquid plastic
11 Printed bases
12 Wheels
13 Zimmerit
14 Recycling paints
15 Camouflage with masks
16 Snakes camouflage with felt pens
17 Painting through water
18 Light filtering
19 Pinwash, acrylics in hostile medium
20 Oil washes
21 The acid bath
22 Recipe for a home made rusting agent
23 Stains on water
24 Acrylic Mud
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Sample pages

FC Modeltips 1..........

Acrylicos Vallejo has teamed up with Federico Collada of FC Model Trend to produce the book FCModeltips 1

This is the first of a new series of books focused on easy tips and tricks for modeling, paint techniques than can be as handy for beginners as for experienced modelers, saving time in the painting and weathering processes, and getting the most professional and realistic results.
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In discussions with other modelers, we almost always arrive at the same question: how many models can you finish in a year? Some mention the time needed to finish just a few models per year, others talk about the several months invested just to see one model completed, but most of them were talking about the difficulty of a complete and complex weathering process, the many hours invested in looking for the real finish, the real final effects.

The intention of this book is to share with other modelers a collection of very easy techniques, some useful and well known, some completely original, all with the purpose of making the process of painting and weathering a model easier and faster, and above all, enjoyable, so that the modeler can go on to the next project, just for fun, just for the joy of modeling, the pleasure of achieving the most realistic replica of the original in its place and time. 

The following introduction to this work is written by author Federico Collada.

I would like to introduce you to my new modelling book, FCModeltips 1, with 21 articles showing building and painting techniques, tricks and tips that will help you building your models in less time and with a high level finishing.

In the last 15 years I have published many articles in many magazines and the ones that have been more successful were those that showed something new and useful. This is the spirit of this book, not showing a lot of pictures of finished models with long historical and technical texts but a good bunch of useful tips that you can use at your workbench. Some of these ideas have been previously shown in my blog, and others are brand new and previously unseen, like the pigments rain, the splattered and dragged veil or the weathering chamber, all of them very easy techniques that you can use to weather your model in seconds!

When I started this book, a year ago, my intention was to help those modellers that have very little time for their hobby so the could make the most of it, and also those who are not keen on trying the techniques of some master modellers that sometimes are a bit hard to control. In the FCModeltips 1 book I try to offer some really easy alternatives that don’t require any special skill to use them correctly.

Each of the FCModeltips 1 articles is shown with a different model and cover one special technique or subject, with large pictures and brief comments so you can get the concept easily in a while.

FCModeltips 1 is a book that took one year of preparation, and may be followed by other similar books in the future, all of them providing this same kind of help, for modellers to enjoy the best of their hobby time.

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