February 22, 2017

MATT KOLTONOW'S GAME ON! February Historical Wargaming Quick Looks

Marlbourough’s Wars
First up this month we have Warlord’s re-release of Wargames Factory’s War of Spanish Succession Range. 
WLG 302015001 - Starter Army
WLG 302015002 - Infantry of the Grand Alliance
WLG 302015003 - Infantry of the Sun King
WLG 302015004 - Cavalry of the Grand Alliance
WLG 302015005 - Cavalry of the Sun King
WLG 302015006 - Artillery Battery

These are all multi part plastic figures with a ton of different options to cover pretty much any of the armies involved in Marlborough’s Wars. These figures could be used for a few other eras as well and it’s nice to see their return.

New Osprey Wargame...
As we get closer to April we’re going to see a lot more releases from major companies in time for Salute, the big UK war games show. 

Just announced from Osprey is the new “Scrappers” ruleset. Scrappers is a post apocalyptic skirmish game and looks like a hardcover book similar to Frostgrave. 

Also coming from Osprey for the Frostgrave range is the Frostgrave Folio and later in the year Ghost Archipelago. The Frostgrave Folio (OSP-18508) combines all the previously released digital Frostgrave supplements into a softcover book coming next month. Ghost Archipelago is a whole new rulebook using some familiar mechanics due out sometime later this year.

Flames of War 4th Edition

In other soon-to-be-released news, Battlefront’s Flames of War will be getting its 4th edition  released in Mid-March. The first wave of releases will focus on North Africa (a personal favorite). Keep an eye out for detailed reviews and previews as we get closer to the release date.

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