February 10, 2017

Fridays with Farley! Another Dose of Useless Tidbits

• Quickies...
Mission Models Aircraft Colors!
MMP will be announcing 32 new colors with a total of 70 by July. German WWII , Allied , Modern Jets and more. 

Italeri 1/72nd scale Battlesets
The new Italeri catalog shows four new Battles sets are scheduled for 2017. 
6179 Civil War Farmhouse Battle Battle Set
6180 The Last Outpost (French & Indian War) Battle Set
6181 El Alamein: Battle at the Railway Station Battle Set
6182 1944 Battle at Malinava Battle Set
View the 2017 Italeri Catalog HERE

More WWI from ICM in 2017
The ICM Catalog for 2017 shows a Model T 1917 Utility Truck and 7 new figure sets coming in their extensive range of Great War 1/35th scale plastic.
View the 2017 ICM Catalog HERE
• Digital Delights..
The third issue of Blitzscales magazine is ready to download for free HERE
This first issue of 2017 has the following content:
Fv-214 Conqueror Mk.I, British Massive post war tank by Amusing Hobby
FV-214 Conqueror Mk.II walkaround
Flakpanzer I, Wehrmacht tiny AA SPG
Morris C8, 1/35 Quad by Mirror Models
T-55AMV, Still fighting in Siria
Whippet, The fastest WWI tank at 1/35 scale by Meng
ZSU-57-2, Soviet AA SPG in Croatia
Plus two printable bases and labels for the models featured on the magazine

MXpressions Director's Cut Second Issue
The second issue of Director's Cut, the digital magazine from MXpressions, is ready to download HERE
These are the contents that you will find on its 71 pages:
“Lucky Guys”, Part II
Robert Doepp continues his Master Class. This time he shows us how to sculpt figures from scratch. 
“Red Army Whippet”
Part I of a complete step by step article on how to build and paint Takom’s Whippet Tank. Starting with construction they show how a few simple improvements can go a long way to refine a kit.
“BSMC 2016 - Reloaded”
A show report on one of the major Belgian modelling shows.
Ground Hug Day”
Part 2 in a step by step guide on how to make a small figure base. This time we go gardening.

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Mind Blowing Figures "Sit back and enjoy from the most realistic miniature figures created by the best artists in the world." As the name suggests this FB page features a Mind Blowing amount of figures across all genres. A eye candy delight that will blow your whole lunch hour scrolling through.
• Blogged...
"Coloured Dust" A fantastic blog featuring all kinds of tips, videos and information on  painting and modelling miniatures.  All written by ARBAL
...My name is Michał "ARBAL" Walczak. I am a miniatures painter and author of the blog "Coloured Dust". When I do not paint or write I lead a regular life, working in the IT industry and raising my 3 years old daughter. My adventure with painting began in 1995 with miniatures and the game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. With time I put aside the game part and focused on painting only. Also the size of my favorite figures changed and now I very much enjoy challenging myself with larger scale models too. For almost 2 years now I share my passion and experience with others through a blog entitled  "Coloured Dust”. All this has been continuously my hobby and hobby only.


One Amazing Toy Soldier Collection!

Coming soon to all toy shops along the US Border. Made in Mexico.


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