January 14, 2017

Trench Runner Charles Oldaugh: Tries out Camouflage Masking Putty from Ammo of Mig

Charles Oldaugh** pops open a can of masking puttying and tries it out for the first time....

The easiest way to make hard edged camouflage on large models is by masking the area and spraying on the next color with the airbrush. We have all used Silly Putty, or Blue Tac in the past, but Ammo of Mig has released their own Masking Putty, and I was lucky enough to try it out. 

We have here a WWI MK 1 Female tank here. I chose a four color came that was used during the Somme Offensive in 1916. It's perfect pattern to test out the masking putty. I don’t know how far the putty will go, so I am going to do one side at a time. We start with the model painted in the lightest of the colors, a light tan. A.Mig-055 Oil Ochre

Now using a photo reference as a guide, I place the putty over the areas that I want to remain tan. 

We will paint this tank from lightest color to darkest. You can see in this next photo that I have sprayed the tank grey, and placed my next batch of putty. A.Mig-075 Stone Grey

 I repeat the process again, this time with a brown. A.Mig-076 Brown Soil

For the last time, we spray it with green. A.Mig-065 Forest Green

Cross your fingers and pull off all of the masking putty and you have a beautiful hard edged 

Once completed, the tank looks great and is ready for further detailing. 

After each layer of paint, I waited about 15 min and gave the model a quick blast with a hairdryer before placing the next layer of putty. Patience is necessary when using any masking product.

Once kneaded, the paint seemed to vanish from the putty, and I couldn’t tell that it had been used. This is really great stuff. Any armor painter should have this in his arsenal!

Products used in this article:
W Britains pre-built Mk I tank in 1/32nd scale bought on the secondary market
Camouflage Masking Putty from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-8012)
Acrylic Paint Set: WW I British & German Colors from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-7112)
Modern Russian Oil Ochre from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-055)
Acrylic Thinner from Ammo of Mig (ref. AMIG-AMIG-2000)

**Charles comes from the 'gamer' figure painter spectrum of the hobby. He stared out painting GW fantasy figures he has branched out to historical larger scale figures, busts, dioramas and vehicles.  As a relative newcomer to these areas he offers a fresh beginners prospective to using the products he writes about.

MXpressions released the original Intelligent Panzer Putty Masking Agent (ref.MXA001) and it has been has been on the market for several years now. In 2016  Ammo of Mig released Camouflage Masking Putty which is simply Intelligent Panzer Putty Masking Agent in their own packaging. Same exact stuff but a little cheaper then the original.

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