January 10, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Andrea Wood Bases for Figures

Andrea Miniatures has a new range of high quality wood bases for figures. Each hand made base includes a ebony pedestal and has green felt on the bottom to eliminate scratches. Round, square, rectangular styles are available in several exotic woods as well as varnished brown & black. These bases are reasonably priced when compared to similar products on the market. Nothing compliments a beautifully crafted figure better then a hand crafted base.

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View a PDF of the range HERE

Olive wood is an exotic wood that is native to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The wood is hard and strong. What makes this hardwood so unique is the extraordinary grain pattern of each individual piece. It even becomes darker, richer, and more beautiful in color as it ages!
AND-POL-01 Noble Wood Olive Base, 40x40x50mm
AND-POL-02 Noble Wood Olive Base, 50x46x50mm  
AND-POL-03 Noble Wood Olive Base, 58x58x50mm  
AND-POL-04 Noble Wood Olive Base, 105x45x50mm 
AND-POL-05 Noble Wood Olive Base, 140x70x50mm
AND-POL-06 Noble Wood Olive Round Base, 52x50mm

Padauk is an exotic wood that is a bright orange or almost crimson wood when freshly cut, but oxidizes to a darker, rich purple-brown over time - although it stays redder than Indian Rosewood. Slightly harder and heavier than Rosewood.
AND-PRO-01 Noble Wood Padouk Base, 40x40x50mm
AND-PRO-02 Noble Wood Padouk Base, 50x46x50mm  
AND-PRO-03 Noble Wood Padouk Base, 58x58x50mm  
AND-PRO-04 Noble Wood Padouk Base, 105x45x50mm 
AND-PRO-05 Noble Wood Padouk Base, 140x70x50mm
AND-PRO-06 Noble Wood Padouk Round Base, 52x50mm

Ovangkol is an attractive hardwood indigenous to tropical West Africa. Usually, its coloration runs from yellow-brown to a mottled olive-brown to dark brown, and it features stripes that run from gray to almost black. When it has significant purple coloration, however, ovangkol's variegation and grain pattern closely resemble East Indian rosewood. It also shares some tonal characteristics with rosewood, but boasts the livelier "sparkle" found in such medium-density hardwoods as mahogany, walnut, and koa.
AND-PM-01 Noble Wood Ovangkol Base, 40x40x50mm
AND-PM-02 Noble Wood Ovangkol Base, 50x46x50mm
AND-PM-03 Noble Wood Ovangkol Base, 58x58x50mm  
AND-PM-04 Noble Wood Ovangkol Base, 105x45x50mm  
AND-PM-05 Noble Wood Ovangkol Base, 140x70x50mm  
AND-PM-06 Noble Wood Ovangkol Round Base, 52x50mm

Pao Rosa wood is an exotic wood native to the Western African countries of Cameroon and Congo. It is a hard wood, dark brown with some yellow tinges in the grain. 
AND-PRA-01 Noble Wood Pao Rosa Base, 40x40x50mm
AND-PRA-02 Noble Wood Pao Rosa Base, 50x46x50mm  
AND-PRA-03 Noble Wood Pao Rosa Base, 58x58x50mm
AND-PRA-04 Noble Wood Pao Rosa Base, 105x45x50mm
AND-PRA-05 Noble Wood Pao Rosa Round Base, 52x50mm

Zebrawood is an exotic wood native to the Western African countries of Cameroon and Gabon. It is a hard wood, with a medium to coarse texture. The Zebra-like appearance is due to the light colored sapwood in contrast with the dark colored grain.
AND-PZ-01 Noble Wood Zebra Base, 40x40x50mm
AND-PZ-02 Noble Wood Zebra Base, 50x46x50mm
AND-PZ-03 Noble Wood Zebra Base, 105x45x50mm

Varnished Brown
AND-PDM-01 Wooden Brown Base, 35x35x50mm 
AND-PDM-02 Wooden Brown Base, 40x40x50mm  
AND-PDM-03 Wooden Brown Base , 50x46x50mm
AND-PDM-04 Wooden Brown Base, 58x58x50mm  
AND-PDM-05 Wooden Brown Base, 80x70x50mm
AND-PDM-06 Wooden Brown Base, 105x45x50mm
AND-PDM-07 Wooden Brown Base, 100x80x50mm
AND-PDM-08 Wooden Brown Base, 120x100x50mm 
AND-PDM-09 Wooden Brown Base, 140x70x50mm  
AND-PDM-10 Wooden Brown Round Base, 52x50mm

Varnished Black
AND-PDN-01 Wooden Black Base, 35x35x50mm 
AND-PDN-02 Wooden Black Base, 40x40x50mm  
AND-PDN-03 Wooden Black Base, 50x46x50mm  
AND-PDN-04 Wooden Black Base, 58x58x50mm  
AND-PDN-05 Wooden Black Base, 80x70x50mm 
AND-PDN-06 Wooden Black Base, 105x45x50mm  
AND-PDN-07 Wooden Black Base, 100x80x50mm 
AND-PDN-08 Wooden Black Base, 120x100x50mm 
AND-PDN-09 Wooden Black Base, 140x70x50mm
AND-PDN-10 Wooden Black Round Base, 52x50mm

Still Available
Original Andrea Base Range
Unpainted Wood Bases
AND-P-01 Short Round Base - Unpainted - 1.2in x .5in high
AND-P-02 High Round Base - Unpainted - 1in diameter x 1.6in  
AND-P-03 Rectangular Base - Unpainted - 3.5in x 1.2in high
AND-P-04 Rectangular Base - Unpainted - 4.25 x 2.7 x 1.2in high
AND-P-05 Rectangular Base - Unpainted - 3.5in x 1.9in x 1.2in high
AND-P-06 Rectangular Base - Unpainted - 4.25 x 2 x 1.2in high $6.99
AND-P-07 Rectangular Base - Unpainted - 3.8in x 2.9in x 1.2in high
AND-P-08 Square Base - 2.7in square x .8in high

Varnished Red Brown
AND-P-09 Rectangular Base - 5.3in x 3in x .8in high 
AND-P-10 Square Base - 4.5in square x .8in high
AND-P-11 Rectangular Base - 6.3in x 3in x .8in high
AND-P-12 Rectangular Base - 5.3in x 4.1in x .8in high  
AND-P-13 Rectangular Base - 5.5in x 1.8in x .8in high
AND-P-14 Rectangular Base - 16.9in x 6.3in
AND-P-16 Square Base - 1.75in x 1.75in

AND-PO-01 Oval Base - 10.3in x 4.75in

AND-PO-02 Oval Base - 9.8in x 6.8in

AND-PP-01 Base with Pedestal - 1.4in x 1.2in x 2in high

AND-PP-02 Base with Pedestal - 1.4in x 1.5in x 2in high
AND-PP-03 Base with Pedestal - 4.1in x 1.8in x 2in high
AND-PP-04 Base with Pedestal - 4.5in x 2.2in x 2in high
AND-PP-06 Base with Pedestal - 2.5in square x 2in high
AND-PP-07 Base with Pedestal - 3.2in x 2.7in x 2in high
AND-PP-08 Base with Pedestal - 3.9in x 3.3in x 2in high 

AND-PR-01 Round Base - 1.2in diameter x .8in high
AND-PR-02 Round Base - 1.3in diameter x .8in high  
AND-PR-04 Round Base - 2.75in diameter x .8in high
AND-PR-06 Round Base - 4.3in diameter x .8in high

AND-PHQ-01 Dark Brown Base - 1.9in square x 2in high
AND-PHQ-02 Brown Bubinga Base- 1.9in square x 2in high
AND-PHQ-04 Reddish Base - 1.8in square x 2in high
AND-PHQ-06 Red Root Base - 1.7in square x 1.8in high
AND-PHQ-07 Green Root Base - 1.7in square x 1.8in high
AND-PHQ-08 Brown Root Base - 1.7in square x 1.8in high

View the entire range HERE

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