January 30, 2017

MATT KOLTONOW'S GAME ON! January Historical Wargaming Round Up

First up are this months issues of Wargames Illustrated 351 and Wargames Soldiers and Strategies 88. Both of these issues have new army lists for the new Swordpoint Rules mentioned last month. WGI has new lists for Numidians and Seleucids and WSS has Spanish and Seleucids. Great issues throughout but fans of Gripping Beasts new Ancient rules won’t want to miss these.

Soviet Players Rejoice! New from Warlord Games this month are the Plastic KV-1/KV-2 Kit (WLG 402014001) and the metal Soviet Veterans in Snowsuits (WLG 402214001). Also Coming Soon is the first campaign book “Battle of The Bulge” (WLG 401010002). This is a campaign supplement compatible with both versions of Bolt Action. New scenarios, units, and rules are present to cover this complex series of engagements.

New from Osprey is a personal favorite, The Pikeman’s Lament (OSP-OWG19). The newest version of the very popular Lion Rampant Rules, this new ruleset covers many 17th century conflicts including; the English Civil War, Thirty Years War, the Great Northern War and many others. Using the same core engine as Lion Rampant but incorporating new rules to cover this era allows for easy pick up and great games.

Also coming this month is the new “edition” of the Battlegroup Core Rules from Plastic Soldier Company (PSC-BGK025). This is not so much a new edition of the rules as much as it is a re-formating of the rulebook according to designer Warwick Kinrade. This core rulebook is new printing of the Core Rules to replace the now out of print Core Book. In addition, it collects all the special rules into one place as well as a new campaign set in Normandy just after D-Day.

Theres a lot to look forward to in the coming months as well. The new Age of Arthur Saga Supplement Aetius & Arthur (GBP-SRB07) is expected soon. This new supplement is set in the year 410AD, comes with 6 new battle boards and requires a copy of either the core book or Crescent and Cross.

Looking down the road a little further, Perry miniatures has teased their next plastic box set; Zulu War British! These are due out at Salute (Late April) and look to be great figures. From looking through the Facebook page, It appears theres going to be parts for 2 heliograph teams, 4 casualties and a total of 38 figures


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