January 13, 2017

Fridays with Farley...Another Dose of Useless Tidbits

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...is the all new free on-line modeling magazine from MXpressions the guys who brough Panzer Putty to the modeling world! They also have a new Vimeo channel where you can rent their video series and can check out trailers for each video before renting. They list a couple of interesting videos coming in 2017 including "Painting Camo & Winter Uniforms" by Oliver Kovacs  "Diorama Perfect Series" by Volker Bembennek.  Previous videos by Adam Wilder and Olivér Kovács released on DVD are excellent and highly recommended by MTSC!

• Sited...
Virtual Museum of Historical Miniatures based in Italy is a website created by Enzo Macaluso to archive the vast array of historical miniatures available across many different platforms such as Facebook, blogs and forums into one virtual museum. He has a nice start to this lofty goal. There are categories of Dioramas, Busts, Soldiers on Foot and Soldiers on Horse and then entries by time periods which is currently listed as a work in progress. Stop by and have a look, drop him a line of encouragement or even have some of your work added.
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Felduniform features the incredible work of Günther Sternberg. He works mainly in 1/35th scale and has an extensive gallery of his WWI & WWII figures including stunning vignettes! 

His latest piece is titled So nahmen wir Waalhaven! ( So now we have *Waalhaven*) using the the new Andrea Miniatures figure AND-SEK-F001 Fallschirmjäger, 1940.

A couple nice and simple articles on Photographing figures and Figure Painting Step-by-Step are also featured. A visit here will inspire you and 
*Germany invaded Holland on May 10th 1940. The invasion, based on blitzkrieg, was swift and devastating. Holland surrendered just six days later as her military had been unable to cope with the speed of blitzkrieg. Fear was also great – Rotterdam had been severely damaged by bombing. 

German bombers attack Holland at 03.55 on May 10th. The target was Waalhaven airfield to the south of Rotterdam. One hour later, a battalion of paratroopers was dropped onto the airfield. Dutch troops based in Waalhaven put up fierce resistance but it was in vain. As with all early blitzkrieg attacks, the Germans had the element of surprise. While Waalhaven was being taken – a perfect base for the Luftwaffe to use – more paratroopers landed at Dordrecht, ten miles to the south-east of Waalhaven. Their task was to capture a vital bridge in the town. Such a prize would greatly assist the Germans ability to move vehicles in their assault on Holland.
• Built
So nahmen wir Waalhaven! by Günther Sternberg.
Featuring Andrea kit SEK-F001 Eisernes Kreuz Fallschirmjäger, 1940 (1/35)

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AMMO of MIG on Facebook
...We at AMMO work day and night, happy to share our knowledge and modeling techniques, because helping other modelers to achieve their dreams is our passion.

The AMMO Facebook page keeps you up-to-date with their latest products, features the work of modelers worldwide using their products and lot's of nice Quick Tips.

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Who knew? Celery is nature's toothbrush for your colon!

• Yes...but is it art?

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..old school food truck!

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