December 27, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Auriga Static Modeling Manuals

Auriga Static Modeling Manuals Step by Step
Imported from Italy
Getting into the modeling hobby can be an intimidating process for the beginner. The Static Modeling Manual series of books by Auriga Publishing of Italy can help take away that intimidation factor and is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in modeling.Arguably the best starting reference available and one we always recommend to our customers. More advanced modelers will find enough useful tips to justify the price of admission! 

Coming early 2017
Static Model Manual 13: Diorama - Elements in Combat
84 pages in full color, softcover book
Scale modellng is, probably the most complete way to represent the real world. This fantastic form of art involves construction, detailing, composition, painting, sculpting, weathering and many, many other. Scale modeling is a small piece of the world. A world in scale, showing a specific situation. In scale modeling we have a geographical location and a time frame. In every work we see a story and a moment crystalized in scale. We can represent natural landscapes, urban scenarios, rivers, seas, waterfalls, all kind of soils, all kind of vegetation, sci-fi ships, planes, boats, tanks, trucks and even an entire army! Scale modellng is a magic world. A mini world of countless hours of fun and pleasure.

Only a modeler knows the feeling of holding a finished model, after several months of hard work. That moment is pure magic and can transport us to a different world or dimension. In this book, my goal is to transmit all my scale modellng knowledge. Also, I want to transmit the passion and joy that I feel in a daily basis while working in a model. Hope you like it!

Static Model Manual 12: Dioramas Inspiration
84 pages in full color, softcover book
published: 2016
This book follows the outline of the Static Model Manual series, guiding you through basic techniques, followed by those of medium difficulty, then ending with those that are more complex. As always the aim is to present the greatest range of choices possible that allows you to find your own personal style, using your own creative abilities as well as the best products that the market has to offer.

Photographs of real subjects in unique situations are always a great creative stimulus for modelers. The challenge consists in achieving a faithful reproduction of the scene that has been photographed, but it does not always have to be such: the photo can serve as a point of departure to develop something in a parallel context which is different but nevertheless plausible. When we create a diorama, a message is sent to the observer of a well-defined moment when the artistic side blends with the technical side. Modeling experience will enable you to achieve an acceptable result, resolving problems and unforseen challenges along the way. It is only by paying attention to the balance of elements in play relating to the message and to realism that we can achieve a credible and an interesting reproduction of the scene.

Static Model Manual 11: Military Figures for Dioramas
84 pages in full color, softcover book
published: 2015
The ultimate diorama figures painting guide is a book with plenty of illustrations about how to paint figures in different scales. You do not need masterpieces on your diorama, you need good figures properly painted, in a few easy steps. These easily mastered techniques allow you to get good results using materials you have at home. You will learn how to paint the figures with an airbrush, refining the detail by brush! You will see how to paint eyes, skin, equipment and different types of uniforms. You will understand the different effect of scale on the colors of the uniforms. The goal is to achieve subjects that fit your diorama, that complete your tank, car or aircraft model without driving you crazy with complicated color theories. An easy full color and fully illustrated guide you should not miss!

Static Model Manual 10: Extreme Weathering-Building and Painting
published: 2015
100 pages in full color, softcover book
Damaged or abandoned subjects are always fasinating for modelers. An unexperienced observer could think that it's easy to reproduce a weathered model, and some rusty pigment and that's all. The more rust, the better. Things are quite different, in the real world, there are many factors to consider, there are many differences in the way materials fade away. This book deals with things we observe and how to reproduce them. Studiyng a picture we will try, using modern modellng techniques, to reproduce the item just how it was at the moment of the camera click. The last chapter deals with a diorama where we decide how each subject will appear, giving the observer suggestions.

Static Model Manual 9: FIGUREVOLUTION Building and Painting
84 pages in full color, softcover book
published: 2014
With a bit of practice, using well-known techniques and proven materials it is not difficult to create miniatures at a more than respectable level. There is in the human soul, however, a constant desire to progress. Mastery of a passable technique is nothing more than a departure point to be able to elevate the miniature from a simple object that is aesthetically pleasing to a means of communication. In order to achieve this goal another element is necessary: the idea. This is an undefinable element that has to be recognized and cultivated, stripped to its essentials and then developed so that it can geminate like a precious seed.

After having amply discussed technique in Volume 5 of the Static Model Manual series, the path presented by the author in this new volume is focused around the idea itself. An excess of technique results in virtuosity, the development of a vision that lacks the required skills often leads to mediocre results. The solution lies in a search for balance, but this is not always an easy path, as there are many variables in play and one's personal imprint becomes increasingly more relevant. In this volume Alex Michelotti attempts to provide you substantial assistance to enable you to reach the goal of creating our own personal style! Step by step photos, secrets, tricks, shortcuts, anything goes... everything is on these pages for best results!'' This is the follow up book to Static Model Manual 5. 
Painting Figures.
Static Model Manual 8: World War II Bombers-Building and Painting
84 pages in full color, softcover book
published: 2014
This volume of the Static Model Manual series is dedicated to aircraft modeling. Famous Polish modeler Kamil Feliks Sztarbała builds and weathers three protagonists of World War II in various scales and shows the tricks and techniques with which he makes his masterpieces. It doesn't take much to realize truly beautiful and lifelike replicas of aircraft with this clear and comprehensive S-B-S (step by step) guide to follow. Extra Bonus: exclusive unpublished historical pictures of a true rare bird: the Junkers Ju 188 A-2 U5+KH

Static Model Manual 7: Painting Models One Hundred and One Tips
80 pages in full color, softcover book
published: 2014
As in the previous volumes of this series, it's not the model to be the protagonist, but the techniques used to make it! When we talk about painting, there are several ways to get a satisfying result. On these pages the best modellers specialized in the different fields of our hobby reveal their secrets, their techniques and their tricks with which they create their masterpieces. Behind every finished model there is the mastery of techniques that we can learn and try on our models. The seventh volume of the series represents the logical continuation of Static Model Manual Volume 6, that many gratification gave to the authors being one of the most appreciated titles of this series.

Static Model Manual 6: Painting Models- Material and Methods
100 pages in full color, softcover book

published: 2013
This sixth volume of the Static Model Manual series provides answers to airbrushing techniques, decal application, washes, enamels, lacquers and acrylic applications, and a treasure trove of finishing information.

Static Model Manual Step By Step 5: Painting Figures
104 pages in full color, softcover book
published: 2012
There are a lot of books on the market about figure painting but most of the books don't show how figure painting is exactly done. The techniques are mentioned only in text or only by photograph. So most of the time you still have to figure out what the writers mean. This book does both through Step by Step photos, secrets, tricks, shortcuts and just about anything else to make things much more clear, especially for the novice painter. Heck even an experienced painter can learn a few tricks from this book. The best single guide to the art of figure modeling with very detailed explanations of techniques and tips to get you started or improve your figure painting skills.

Static Model Manual 4: 101 Tips for Building Models
114 pages in full color, softcover book
published: 2012
The art of model building is a blend of tools, accessories, knowledge, tricks and techniques gathered from many different sources. A wealth of information from these sources is compiled in this volume that covers all the aspects of modeling you will need to get started in this wonderful hobby.

Static Model Manual 3: Painting and Weathering Tanks
published: 2011

Static Model Manual 2: Building and Painting Modern Fighters
published: 2011

Static Model Manual 1: Military Dioramas
published: 2010

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