December 11, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Andrea Color Paint & Paint Sets

Andrea Color
Year in and year out our best selling paints and have been the Andrea Color by Andrea Miniatures a range of 60 individual paints and also features the popular, amazing paint sets that take all the guess work out of shading and highlighting primary colors. Andrea Color Paint sets are designed to give you various highlights, base coats and shadow colors of a key color to avoid the need for constant mixing. Currently there are 16 different paint sets including those for the difficult colors such as red, white and black. The six colors included in each set are unique to that set and are not part of the 60 color basic range. This brings the number of colors currently available through this range to 156. Another unique quality to the Andrea paint range is that the paint dries dead flat. Andrea is compatible with all acrylic paints currently on the market. Whether you are a beginner or advanced painter the Andrea Color paint range has something for you. 
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Andrea Color Paint Sets
AND-ACS-001 Andrea Color Flesh Paint Set 
AND-ACS-002 Andrea Color Black Paint Set 
AND-ACS-003 Andrea Color White Paint Set 
AND-ACS-004 Andrea Color Red Paint Set 
AND-ACS-005 Andrea Color Blue Paint Set 
AND-ACS-006 Andrea Color Inks Set 
AND-ACS-007 Andrea Color Silver Paint Set 
AND-ACS-008 Andrea Color Gold Paint set  
AND-ACS-009 Andrea Color Green Paint Set 
AND-ACS-010 Andrea Color Field Grey Set 
AND-ACS-011 Andrea Color Yellow Paint Set 
AND-ACS-012 Andrea NMM (Non Metallic Metal) Paint Set Paint Set 
AND-ACS-013 Andrea Color Brown Paint Set
AND-ACS-014 Andrea Khaki Paint Set
Available Jan 2017>>> AND-ACS-015 Andrea Waffen SS Camo Paint Set (Spring Colors)
Available Jan 2017>>> AND-ACS-016 Andrea Waffen SS Camo Paint Set (Autumn Colors)

ACS-001 Flesh Paint Set
ACS-002 Black Paint Set
ACS-003 White Paint Set
ACS-004 Red Paint Set
ACS-005 Blue Paint Set
ACS-006 Inks Set
ACS-007 Silver Paint Set
ACS-008 Gold Paint Set
ACS-009 Green Paint Set

ACS-010 Field Grey Paint Set
ACS-011 Yellow Paint Set
ACS-012 NMM Paint Set
ACS-13  Brown Paint Set
ACS-014 Khaki Paint Set
ACS-015 Waffen SS Camo Spring Colors
ACS-016 Waffen SS Camo Autumn Colors
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Andrea Acrylic Color Range of 60 individual paints

Andrea Painting References
PAINTING WITH JULIO CABOS is a free digital tutorial booklet and is the perfect starting point for beginners. Learn to paint figures with one of the world's foremost figure painters. Julio Cabos is the master painter for Andreas Miniatures. This Step-by-Step booklet covers all the basics such as:
Preparing the Model
Choosing the Lighting
Painting the Eyes
Painting the Face
Painting White Materials
Painting Red Materials
Painting Blue Fabric
Tools & Maintenance
How to use the airbrush to paint a figure
The painting process

Andrea Press Painting References
Andrea also supports their paint system with an extensive list of How To Books via Andrea Press. As a staring point we always recommend to our customers who are just getting started in the hobby of figure painting AP056 How to Paint Figures with Acrylics - A Complete Guide for Basic to Advanced Figure Painters this is a comprehensive guide to the preparation and painting of figures, where you can find a variety of examples of ‘step by step’ from priming to painting the last details. Within these examples you can see figures of different themes and scales, developing management techniques of acrylic paint by brush and also by airbrush. Featuring Julio Cabos one of the world's foremost figure painters and Andrea Miniatures box cover artist.

AP-046 Painting Pin-Up Figures
By Julio Cabos. This book shows you how to paint your own Pin-Up private collection by using sophisticated acrylic painting techniques clearly explained in step-by-step photographs. First you will learn basic paintbrush techniques; then airbrush ones and finally a combination of both as the best way to get unbeatable results.

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The Andrea Painting DVD Series

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