December 02, 2016

MATT KOLTONOW'S GAME ON! A Look at Fall-In 2016

I was lucky enough to get out to this years Fall-In convention. Fall-In is the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society’s (aka HMGS*) fall historical gaming convention held in Lancaster PA. Each year the show has a theme and this years was Poland Through the Ages, From Duchy to Republic. I absolutely love this show. Its a huge show with tons of games and vendor support. Like every year I spent way too much money and came home with far too much stuff. It's hard not to get excited when you see what other people bring to the show.

This year I played a bunch of different games. On Thursday night we played a game of Dragon Rampant using the Flintloque figure range. On Friday I played a game of Hail Caesar as well as trying out a set of 15mm Pirate rules Called Sailpower. The Sailpower rules are pretty interesting. Basically every player controls a ship and can get points however they want. Theres a system in place if you want to play a merchant ship or if you want to try and capture someone elses merchant ship. It seems like a nice blend between wargame and rpg. On Saturday I was lucky enough to get into the last Brazen Chariots game of the weekend. Brazen Chariots is a quick play set of tank on tank rules based of the book of the same name. It's fantastic. Playing it was enough to inspire me to pick up some 15mm WWII stuff (something I thought I'd never do)

*HMGS, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable and educational 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to promote the study of military history through the art of tabletop miniature wargaming. HMGS membership offers discount admission to HMGS conventions nationwide, a periodic e-newsletter and fellowship with other military history buffs and gaming enthusiasts.

Below are some photos from the trip. The stuff I took pictures of is a fraction of the overall convention.

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