December 15, 2016

MATT KOLTONOW'S GAME ON! December 2016 Historical Wargaming Round Up

With all these companies releasing all kinds of new goodies all the time it can be hard to keep up on new releases. With the year coming to a close I thought it’d be a good idea to start a monthly column showcasing all the neat new stuff coming onto the market.

Flames of War Team Yankee:
This month sees the new release of the last couple sets in the British in WWIII range for Battlefront’s Team Yankee game (FLW-TBBX03 and FLW-TBBX04)

The next army book Volksarmee (FLW-FW908) is now up for preorder as well, and will be released in January. This new book covers the East Germans and looks to be a great addition to this growing range

Perry Miniatures: 
Perry has put out another great plastic set for their American Civil War Range. The Union Skirmishing set (PRM-ACW120) is made up of the same figures as set ACW115 but are in a different mix allowing for a larger amount of firing figures and skirmishers.

Warlord Games:
In addition to the great plastic tank and figure kits Warlord continues to put out to support the release of Bolt Action Second Edition, this month delivers a dose of hollywood magic in the form of the Oddball Sherman (WLG 402413001), Oddball Heroes (WLG 402213001), and Hollywood Tiger (WLG 402412001)

Osprey Wargames
Osprey continues to release new books in their “Blue Book” wargaming series and this month has not one but two great new releases. Rogue Stars (OSP-OWG17) is a small figure count sci-fi skirmish game written by the same author of the popular “Song of Blades and Heroes” rules. 

Chosen Men (OSP-OWG18) is Skirmish game set during the Napoleonic Wars. This one uses between 30 and 100 figures and is written by the same author who wrote Warhammer Historical’s Legends of The Old West as well as Osprey’s Broken Legions.

Also by Osprey, Frostgrave has another new expansion. This time around its “Forgotten Pacts” (OSP-15774) This expansion focuses on a Barbaric Northern Tribe and features new scenarios, treasures, spells, soldiers and creatures.

Accompanying the new book is a brand new box of plastic Barbarians (NMF FGVP04

Brand new from Fireforge this month is the new plastic Medieval Archers box (FRG-FF011). This set makes 24 archers suitable to use alongside the other Fireforge releases. This set is especially useful for making a retinue for the new...

Burn and Loot Rules (FRG-BL001).This is a new set of rules focusing on smaller engagements in the Crusades era.

Finally, Gripping Beast has released their new Swordpoint Rules (GBP-GBP10). As a change of pace, this is a big battle set of rules using between 100 and 250 figures designed to last about 2 hours. The core book comes with 10 army lists though supplements are planned all the way into Fall of next year covering several different eras....
The first of these supplements, Dark Age Armies (GBP-GBP11) is up for pre-order and should be out early next year.

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