November 17, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Box with Brush

Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Box with Brush ref. DXM-AD77
Plastic Magic’ is another indispensible product that’s a must have for all modelers. 
‘Plastic Magic’ is a liquid solvent glue that produces invisible glue lines and is ideal for all modeling needs. The new safer formula can be applied with the Deluxe Materials ‘Pin Flow’ Solvent Glue Applicator, conventionally with a fine paintbrush or by using the very  latest ‘Plastic Magic Twin Brush Pack’ or with the ‘Glue Brush Set’. 

Plastic Magic bonds nearly all commonly used modeling plastics including polyester, styrene, ABS, PVC, butyrate, and Polycarbonate.

• New low odour formula plastic adhesive for invisible glue lines. 
• High solvency formula - one bottle for almost all plastics
• Less evaporation and smell for improved working conditions and less waste
• No more spillages with the sturdy,stable bottle
• Two high precision, long reach brushes for perfect joints 

Related Product:
Pack of 3 specially designed, superfine, long reach brushes will deliver the tiniest drop of solvent adhesive even to difficult tiny joints.
 High precision
 Long reach for tight  places.
 Enables clean glue action.
 Delivers tiniest drop.
 Reaches last drop

Pin Flow Applicator ref. DXM-AC11 
Plastic Modelers Solvent Glue dream applicator! Prevents glue runs. Invisible joints. Professional finish. Perfect for PLASTIC MAGIC. Supplied with protective case.

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