September 30, 2015

Toys in the Attic: Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 10 'The Aurora 13' The Bride of Frankenstein

"The Aurora 13" No. 11 The Bride of Frankenstein 

Original Kit Issued: 1965 - 1966 as Catalog #482
Re-Issued: 1969-1975, 1997, 2000

The Bride of Frankenstein, along with the Witch  appeared on the scene in 1965, at the height of Aurora's Monster Kits' popularity. These kits were larger and more intricate, featuring more fully realized dioramic "sets" than the previous kits. The Bride is a beautiful kit, replete with all the arcane trappings of the mad doctor's lab and a killer Elsa Lanchester likeness. The stone walls and wooden structures lend great texture to the spooky scenario, and the gizmos and body parts keep things sufficiently gruesome.

A defect in the molds for The Bride limited the number of original kits issued which is why this is the hardest of the 13 to find in it’s original packaging. Scrapped in 1966, the damaged molds prevented its reissue in the Frightening Lightning and Glow series three years later. Polar Lights did a spectacular job of recasting this kit, which is virtually identical to the original. They also attempted to make up for the previous mishap by releasing it in a Glow-in-the-Dark version, which is now a highly sought-after edition from 1997.

Toys in the Attic: Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s

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