October 26, 2016

Toys in the Attic: Aurora Monster Models of the 1960s Part 13 - Gigantic Frankenstein aka Big Frankie

Gigantic Frankenstein 
The idea behind this kit came from legendary toy designer Marvin Glass (Mr. Machine, Mouse Trap) Originally designed to be a toy, Aurora got cold feet and released the figure as a model instead. The fact that the sculpt was more of a caricature then a realistic version of Boris Karloff as the Monster made it less appealing to the kids that were buying the extremely successful line of monster models the company made. 

Standing almost two feet tall, "Big Frankie" was Aurora's largest figure kit and sold for whooping $4.98. Three small bottles of paint- yellow, blue and red were included in the kit and featured the Aurora logo on the cap. The model featured moveable arms and included a chain around the monster's neck and drags a piece of tombstone.

Original Kit Issued: 1964-65 as kit #470Sculptor: Adam “Larry” EalingBox art: James Bama
Plastic: Lt. Grey, dark grey, black and copper.
Box size: 18" X 15" X 5”

Re-Issued by Moebius Models 2008

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