October 26, 2016

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #130: Halloween 2016 Edition- Aurora's Gigantic Frankenstein

Aurora's Gigantic Frankenstein aka "Big Frankie"Back in the 60's one of the most exciting of Aurora’s monster models was the Gigantic Frankenstein released in 1964 and standing 19″ inches tall. “Big Frankie” was the Frankenstein’s Monster toy/collectible/model to have. The Frankie model kit gave kids the chance to literally create their very own friend. Unlike most other models, the Frankenstein here was pretty durable, had moveable arms and most importantly, it stood two feet tall! Here was a toy you could take along on family trips, or on secret missions. I always thought this kit was a bit silly, but I've grown to appreciate the level of detail and styling that the Aurora designers put into this kit which was originally designed to be released as a finished toy. Although it is a more whimsical subject, they did not abandon quality and craftsmanship to create "Big Frankie."

Unfortunately many kids did not take it as seriously as the other Aurora monster kits. It also carried a price 5 times higher than the regular kits. All this added up to be the kiss of death for Frankie. Sales were poor and he was dropped from the shelves after a short run. 
Moebius Models reissued the kit 2008.

A Gallery of Big Frankie


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