September 30, 2016

Fridays with Farley...a Dose of Useless Tidbits

Just back from the Chicago Toy Soldier Show...
This year both the 3-day room trading and attendance at the show itself seemed down. This is a sign of the times as the internet is taking it's toll on collectors shows of all types. The Chicago show is still the biggest and best toy soldier show in the world and with the new promotors taking over I don't see that changing in the near future.

Show time!
This show can be divided into there basic food groups.
1. Plastic Collectors- Large scale plastics 54mm-60mm are always a big at this show. Lot's of rooms selling & displaying plastic & playsets whether it's vintage such as Marx, Timpo, Britains and US & European plastics, modern generation but out-of-production and now on the secondary market such as Barzso or Conte and lately new production manufactures such as TSSD, LOD, Paragon and Replicants who have used this show to launch their latest sets. This year was no exception with all of the aforementioned companies offering new figures and sets. The "plastic" guys are still passionate about their hobby and support it with a mind boggling amount of available products in the "hall of plastic" on the 5th floor of the hotel.

Happy Marx Room Collector!
New plastic abounds!
2. Vintage Collectors- Long a staple of this show is the vast array of vintage toy soldiers available. Dimestores, Hollowcast, Composition and lead can be found in ever growing numbers at this show. With the hobby "graying" many collections have come on the market recently and there was an abundance of it at this show. The prices for dimestores and composition figures are dropping drastically as the older collectors that these appealed to die off with no new ones there to take their place. Another sub-category of this group is the 2nd generation of toy soldiers that start appearing in the 1980s. These "traditional gloss style" toy soldiers surprisingly, are becoming popular with younger collectors. Early King & Country, Trophy, Tradition, Imperial and many others are staging a come back.
New Production Gloss Figures
2nd generation gloss figures at the show
3. Current Metal Collectors- Over the past few years this show has grown into a showcase for manufactures of the new historical style, matt finish figures to display their latest products. W Britain, Collectort's Showcase, Morgan Miniatures. King & Country, Jenkins and 1st legion being among the most predominate. This year it was almost overwhelming the amount of new products available. With ever rising prices and numbers of releases one has to wonder how the hobby can absorb all this before it implodes on it'sself. Is the average collector getting priced out of the market? One can only wonder...
Morgan Miniatures Room
W Britains Display 
Collectors Showcase room
Michigan Toy Soldier tables at the show
Found on Facebook
Toys from the 50s 60s and 70s
A place to find and share images and memories of our youth. 
Have a LOOK

Toy Soldier & Model Figure magazine gets a new look...
TSM&F magazine showed in Chicago up with a sweet new look with a slightly larger, expanded page count and a beautiful matt finish paper. They are also going from 12 issues a year to 8 issues. 

Sample pages

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