September 27, 2016

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #126: DAZ Washing Powder Cowboys & Indians by Crescent

In the 1960s children around the world delighted in getting premiums/prizes as a bonus in their cereal boxes and in many other types of food and non food items. Marketing "Mad Men" knew that including toys that appealed to kids would send them begging mom to purchase the products with the free giveaways. To this end, in 1964 the UK company DAZ Washing Powder offered a series of twelve different plastic cowboys & indians as a premium when buying their boxes of soap. The figures were packaged in special full color boxes and depending on the size of the soap box with either two or three random figures and attached to the boxes of soap. The twelve 54mm plastic figures were comprised of six cowboys and six indians and were actually made by the English company Crescent. This two figure set in its original rare box was picked up at the recent Chicago Toy Soldier show. 

DAZ Washing Powder Cowboys & Indians 3 pack 

DAZ Washing Powder Cowboys & Indians 3 pack #2
In the 1960’s Crescent beat off stiff competition to secure a contract to produce figures for Kellogg’s cereals. known as cereal premiums these figures were given away free in a box of cereal such as Cornflakes or Frosted Flakes. Usually a set of 4/5 figures were included with one per box covering a  real mix of characters, Knights, Robin Hood, Circus and others. They were issued unpainted and marked Kellogg’s on the base

Crescent also issued the figures themselves commercially but these were  hand painted and marked Crescent. Today collectors still want to have both the Crescent set and Kellogg’s set in a collection. Cereal premium such as these and “soldiers of the world” remain collectable and still relatively very easy to find due to the enormous quantities made for the cereal makers.
Kellogg’s Robin Hood figures by Crescent

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