September 20, 2016

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #125: "Africa Salvaje" by Arcla of Spain

FOTW is back after an extended summer vacation with a look at Arcla figures. Enrique Sabaté was the owner of the Spanish company known as Arcla aka Arte Clastica. In 1956 he released a range of toy soldiers under the banner "Africa Salvage" These were manufactured using new technique at the time, A wire armature shaped like a cross was inserted in the molds before injecting rubber. As a result, fully articulated figures were obtained. The figures were 80mm in size and the bases were detachable. The shields, weapons, drums and other adornments were cast separately in hard plastic. Enrique even went as far as to add feathers and fur to the figures. The range included Tarzan, explorers, porters, natives and animals as well as various accessories, huts, totems and even a throne. 

The company was only in existence for three years and faded away in 1957. Nowadays these figures are exceptionally rare and are highly sought after by collectors of African Safari and Tarzan figures. After 20 years for searching I've only managed to accumulate the items featured here. The trees are by Elastolin c.1950s. 
Hobby on & enjoy the hunt!!

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