August 31, 2016

Trench Runner Charles Oldaugh Reviews Mr. Black Scale Model Handbook-Figure Modeling 17

Mr. Black Scale Model Handbook – Figure Modelling 17 Review

As a recent convert from miniature painting to figure painting, I was very excited to get my hands on this book. After flipping through it a few times I realized that there were words in there as well as gorgeous photos. Eventually I tore myself away from the models and started reading the articles to see what I could glean.

There are nine articles in this book written by seven different painters. Each painter has a different approach than the others, so the articles aren’t redundant. The size of the figures range from 50mm to 180mm and the time periods ranges from Ancient Rome to World War 2. Whatever your interest, you will find something to peak it in this book.
A different technique is highlighted in each article, ranging from skin, to animals, to cloth, and more. The techniques are clearly explained with detailed step by step photos and lists of the paints and materials used at each step.

My favorite aspect of the book is seeing all of the color mixes that the painters use. Unexpected colors pop up in highlight and shadow mixes in each of the articles. The color choices are much more advanced than the normal three color shadow, midtone, and highlight that we tend to see in painting articles.

If I had to choose, the 1/35th scale WW1 and WW2 vignettes are my favorite articles in this edition. They combine great painting and wonderful scenery with good instruction. Each article covers a host of different objects and how to paint them as well.
In the end, this is a very informative book for novice and advanced painters alike. I know that I learned a lot from it, and can’t wait to start my next diorama!
Charles Oldaugh
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