August 31, 2016

TRENCH RUNNER REVIEW: Steven Lowenthal Takes a Look at AK Interactive's Gauzy Glass Coat and Intermediate Agent

Gauzy Agent Glass Coat Review

Before modelers had a plethora of companies and products dedicated to the hobby, we had to be resourceful and repurpose regular household products for many of the tasks required to build our kits. My vote for the most popular of these non-specific products is Pledge Floor Wax or Kleer, as it is known outside the U.S.. Over the years it’s become the go to gloss coat for modelers. In order to add some clarity and hide minor scratches, aircraft modelers would dip the canopy in the liquid.  It worked well enough, that no company has made a dedicated product of their own to challenge it. That is, until now.

Gauzy Intermediate Shine Enhancer
AK Interactive has created a new, two product, gloss coat line called Gauzy and they are intended to be used in the same manner as Pledge. With both products tailored to specific tasks. Gauzy Intermediate Shine Enhancer, can be applied by either airbrush or hand brushed. It can be used for gloss coating prior to decaling or just to add a shine or to protect any painted surface; including metallics.  The other, and focus of this article, is meant to cater to the canopy dippers. Gauzy Glass Coat Agent, is a liquid of milky consistency and comes in a 100ml, wide mouth plastic tub with a screw on lid. The package is designed to facilitate dipping the canopy directly into the jar without having to decant it. 

Now I know what you’re thinking; why use this since Pledge already does the job? I was thinking the same, so in order to gain a proper understanding of what AK has produced, I conducted a basic test. Scrounging a canopy from an old 1/48 Corsair kit. One where the clear sprue was packaged, unprotected, in the same bag as the other sprue trees. So over the years, the canopy became covered in scuffs and minor scratches. In addition, it is very thick and has some distortions. For the purpose of this test, I used it as is, without any prep work. I wanted to see exactly what the Gauzy could do and not confuse it with any cleanup work.

Gauzy Agent Glass Coat 
You’ll notice the jar doesn’t tell you to shake it before use. I know it’s habit for most people, myself included, but not shaking is important. Doing so will create so many tiny air bubbles; it will look like a freshly poured beer. They will take quite a while to dissipate and if you dip it, you’ll transfer bubbles to the canopy. Getting them off is a near impossible task and once dry, will leave marks.

Leaving a piece of sprue attached to the canopy to act as a handle, I dipped the kit part in and took it out in a slow deliberate manner to ensure I created few air bubbles. The first thing you’ll notice is the Gloss Coat Agent is thicker than Pledge. It lingers on the canopy like a leggy wine does when you swirl your glass. This makes wicking the excess off a little harder than with Pledge and even more important. I found it took a while to get the majority of the excess off. Not just a wipe or two. I found it worked best when I held the canopy at an angle so I could wick the bulk off of one corner. Since it is so thick, it will take longer to dry than Pledge does. This is good as it aids in self leveling. However, if you don’t remove all of the excess, it will dry unevenly. I placed the part on a piece of paper towel to help draw off any extra that continued to flow as it dried and covered it to keep the dust off. I let it sit overnight before I checked on the results. 

I have to say, when I took the cover off, I liked what I saw. The translucent liquid dried crystal clear and the scuff marks were gone. It had a noticeably brighter shine than Pledge does. In addition, the distortions are somewhat better too. Probably due to how the product refracts the light. 
Gauzy Glass Coat Agent worked as advertised. It filled the imperfections and self leveled to a smooth surface. One pass in the liquid gave a satisfactory result and didn’t require additional treatments like Pledge sometimes does.

Pledge/Kleer can be hard to find in some areas or just too expensive when you do. If you feel it’s time for an alternative or just want to try something that may work better for you, AK Interactive’s Gauzy Glass Coat Agent is worth trying. 
Steven Lowenthal 

Gauzy Intermediate Shine Enhancer

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