November 01, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: Zulu Wave 2 from Expeditionary Force

The second batch of Zulus in the new Colonial Wars 1878-1902 range from Expeditionary Force is now. This time we have three sets representing the Zulu Shaka’s uGibabanye Zulu Regiment, Cetshwayo’s inGobamakhosi Regiment and Mpande’s uThulwana Regiment. These plastic figures are 54mm and set contains 9 figures in 3 poses  with accessories and spare arms for variations.
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EXP-54ZUL02–S Shaka’s uGibabanye Zulu Regiment
EXP-54ZUL02–M Mpande’s uThulwana Zulu Regiment
EXP-54ZUL02–C Cetshwayo’s inGobamakhosi Zulu Regiment

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