August 10, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: An Overview of the Warlord Games Historical Gaming System

Formed in 2007, Warlord Games are designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed historical miniatures in plastic, metal and resin. Since then they have released four core rule sets to cover everything from the Ancients, the Horse & Musket era, the Black Powder era, right through the World War Two and beyond! Warlord has developed an extensive range for each of the systems – with the core units available as plastic miniatures, reinforcements in metals, and larger units produced in resin. The vast majority of the process (from game and miniature design, sculpture, mould making, production, and packing) are performed in-house, at WLG HQ deep in the heart of wargaming’s spiritual home, Nottingham, England. The range is constantly expanding and evolving. The Warlord Games community includes thousands of wargamers and collectors from all over the world. Build armies and fight tabletop battles right through history.

Bolt Action
World War II - from Blitzkrieg to North Africa, from the Russian Front to the D-Day Landings.

Bolt Action 2 Starter Set - "Band of Brothers" (WLG 401510001)
Contains two armies, the full rules and everything you need to get playing. Includes army lists for Germany and the US.
36 Infantry
1 Vehicle
The hard-back rulebook adds detailed historical background and army lists for Britain and Russia.

Army Supplements available for 
USA, Germany, Great Britain,  Soviet Union, Japan, France & The Allies, Italy & The Axis

These Bolt Action supplements each focus on a particular theatre of operations from World War 2 such as the Eastern Front or the Pacific. Each book provides detailed history, scenarios, army lists and rules for specific historical units and characters.
WLG WGB-BA-010 Ostfront Barbarossa to Berlin

WLG WGB-BA-011Empires in Flames
WLG WGB-BA-012 Germany Strikes
WLG WGB-BA-013 Duel in the Sun

While the core rules of Bolt Action are based on infantry platoons with supporting vehicles, Tank War allows you to field armoured platoons - entire armies of tanks, armoured cars and mechanised infantry. Includes rules for crews gaining experience and fielding tank aces!

Armoured Fury allows you to dive into action as either an American Sherman tank commander or become a Panzer commander of lethal Panther tanks. Filled with loads of awesome plastic tanks this boxed set is not only a great way to get started with Bolt Action Tank War but is superb value too!
The Armoured Fury boxed set contains: Bolt Action mini 2nd edition rulebook, Tank War supplement (fully compatible with 2nd edition), Scenario booklet, 3 plastic 1:56 scale M4 Sherman medium tanks, 2 plastic 1:56 scale Panther Ausf. A medium tanks, 10 six-sided dice, 5 Bolt Action Orders Dice, Quick reference sheet, Pin Markers and 2 card rulers (need cutting out)
The scenario booklet eases you into the game with four scenarios each escalating in scale until you're ready to add more to your fledgling armoured formations. So whether you're a die-hard Bolt Action player or new to the game completely this will get you up to speed quickly.

Hail Caesar & Pike & Shotte

Hail Caesar takes you from the Bronze Age to the Roman Empire, Spartans and Medieval Knights, while Pike & Shotte covers the Renaissance period of the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War.

Contains two armies - a squadron of Roman Legionaries with a Scorpion bolt thrower versus a horde of Celtic warriors - plus the full hardback rulebook.
90 Infantry
1 Artillery Piece/War Machine
2 Crew

This hard-back rulebook covers gaming in periods from biblical times to the Crusades

Hail Caesar Supplements
The first expansion for Hail Caesar, with no less than 63 army lists for the Biblical and Classical periods along with points costs and army composition. It is also replete with the images of fantastic armies that you can expect from a Warlord Games book. 96 page soft cover book. 84pp soft cover book

In 43AD Aulus Plautius led the Roman legions to the edge of the known world: to the mysterious land of the Britons. TheEmperor Claudius demanded a victory, and what better way of doing it than to bring this savage nation under the Roman yoke.

Rome commanded huge armies of professional soldiers with the infrastructure needed to feed, transport, equip and command them. Opposing this mighty military machine was a mere patchwork of tribes and wild barbarian warriors. Refusing to yield to the conquerors, one man emerged as the champion of the Britons: Caractacus! Defeated in open battle, Caractacus turned to guerilla warfare: raiding and ambushing enemy troops on the march. No Roman could defeat him; in the end it was treachery that overcame the Briton's greatest champion: the treachery of Queen Cartimadua of the Brigantes. It was another Queen of the Britons who, ten years later, led the greatest rebellion of all against Roman rule: Boudica, Queen of the Iceni. Years of resentment and oppression boiled over into a war that almost drove the Romans from Britain altogether,burning London and humbling even the mighty legions. This then is the story of the Roman invasion of Britain, from the Claudian Conquest and wars of Caractacus until the defeat of Boudica and the destruction of the druids upon Mona. Included in this supplement is a map-based campaign game recreating the invasion, as well as historical scenarios covering the wars of Caractacus and the Boudican revolt. A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement.

At the end of the first century AD, the Roman Empire was the greatest military power the world had ever seen. All of Western Europe south of the Rhine and the Danube, southern Britain, North Africa, Egypt, the Balkans and most of the Levant was under its control. The mighty Roman army and its legions had rarely known defeat in living memory and never for very long.

One upstart state and its wily, aggressive leader refused to bend the knee. For almost twenty years, and against all odds, King Decebalus of Dacia defied Rome from his fortress capital deep within the Carpathian Mountains. Composed of thousands of savage tribesmen, heavily armoured Sarmatian lancers and even captured Roman weapons, Dacia´…_Ùs armies proved to be powerful enough to keep the legions at bay. All this was to change with the ascension of the soldier-emperor Trajan, leading to one of antiquity´s greatest conflicts the Dacian Wars.

This supplement for Hail Caesar focuses on Rome´s wars under Trajan against the Dacians and their Sarmatian allies. Featured battles include the Battle of Adamclisi, the Battle of Tapae and the Siege of Sarmizegetusa Regia. Also included are rules for playing skirmish games, fighting sieges and using warships, as well as campaign and hobby ideas.
64pp soft cover book

This 56-page sourcebook, written by Neil Smith, chronicles the devastating blow suffered by the Romans in the Teutoberger Wald at the hands of the Germanic tribes led by Arminius. The battle, also known by the Romans as the Varian Disaster, saw the Germans ambush and destroy three Roman legions and their supporting troops. The book covers both the battle and the aftermath - a period that was something of a watershed for Rome's ambitions in Germany. Germania also covers the varying tribes that made up the Germanic forces as well as scenarios and special rules.

Pike & Shotte
Pike & Shotte covers the Renaissance period of the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War.

Set Contains: pike, shotte and cavalry - 82 models in all - plus the full hardback rulebook.

The Thirty Years War ravaged whole countries, as the first truly national armies marched over Europe. Meanwhile, Royalists and Pariamentarians fought for control of the nation in the English Civil War. Grand divisions, Tercios and wings of cavalry are yours to command, led by men of honour whose names are still remembered today. The Pike & Shotte rulebook covers Tudor warfare, the Thirty Years War, English Civil Wars, Italian Wars, Tudor Wars in the British Isles and War of the Grand Alliance.

The Thirty Years War was a series of conflicts that ravaged large areas of Europe, especially the German provinces, from 1618 to 1648. These conflicts centred on the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperors, Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III, and their opponents. Although viewed by many as a religious war between Catholic and Protestant nations, its roots and causes were also politically motivated. The combination of religious fervour and the political ambition of the European superpowers were to pit vast armies and mighty leaders against each other. The devastation caused by decades of fighting had truly turned Europe into the ‘Devil’s Playground’.
This supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the Thirty Years War. Included are scenarios based on some of the famous battles and army lists for the main protagonists. 120pp soft cover book. A copy of the Pike & Shotte rulebook is required to use this supplement.

Black Powder
The horse & musket period, including the American Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the French & Indian War, the American Civil War and the Anglo-Zulu War

Contains two armies - 136 models including infantry, cavalry and artillery - plus the full rules and an easy-start guide. This set is the ideal way to get into 28mm Napoleonic wargaming.
122 Infantry, 12 Cavalry, 1 Artillery Piece/War Machine, 4 Crew

Black Powder is a game for the militarily inclined gentlemen with straight backs, bristling beards and rheumy eyes that have seen a thing or two. If tales of battle and glory in days-gone-by stir nothing in your breast, if the roar of cannon does not quicken the pulse and set fire in the belly, then this is not the rule set for you. These rules are not a light hearted adventure but one to be tackled by the strong heart.

Rules for warfare covering 1700-1900
Full Color, 184 pages, Hard cover
7 Battle reports, Reference sheet
Extraordinary photographs of probably the worlds' best painted miniatures and the finest military collections

Black Powder Supplements
Albion Triumphant Volume 1 - The Peninsular Campaign
(WLG WG-BP003)
This is the first of two supplements for our Black Powder game that focuses on the Napoleonic battles involving British forces. Written by long-time gamer and Napoleonic aficionado, Adrian McWalter, this book focuses on the Flanders and Peninsular campaigns. 112 pages of Napoleonic army lists, background, troop stats and scenarios make this an absolute must for lovers of Black Powder, of Napoleonic gaming or simply of gloriously produced wargaming books! A copy of the Black Powder rulebook is needed to make full use of it.

Albion Triumphant Volume 2 The Hundred Days Campaign
(WLG WG-BP004)
On a damp, overcast Sunday in June 1815, twenty years of continuous warfare the Napoleonic Wars came to a violent and bloody conclusion on a rain-soaked field in Belgium. These wars were truly a world affair, with European powers fighting battles not only on the mainland of Europe but as far as India, Egypt, the Caribbean and America. The greatest generals of the age finally faced each other on the field of battle; The Duke of Wellington, rooted to a little-known ridge, faced, the Emperor of the French. Napoleon Bonaparte, master of the attack, opposed brigades of British, Germans, Dutch and Belgians; brigades of an infamous army that, despite horrific casualties, clung to the ridge for over nine hours to ensure that the arrival of Blucher's Prussian army would put the Duke´s victory beyond doubt. The Battle of Waterloo became a true landmark in military history, one that will never fade, and nothing on such a grand scale would be seen again.

This supplement for Black Powder overviews the main battles, armies and personalities of the Hundred Days campaign, and includes army lists, scenarios and special rules to enable you to re-fight them using the Black Powder rules. 132 pages of Napoleonic army lists, background, troop stats and scenarios.
Featured conflicts include:
Quatre Bras & Ligny (16th June 1815)
Hougoumont (18th June 1815)
Waterloo (18th June 1815)

American Civil War
In 1860 the fledgling United States of America, under President Abraham Lincoln, fall into civil war between the northern Unionists and the Confederates of the south.

The American Civil War 1861 – 1865 supplement for Black Powder.
This supplement describes the history, armies, key leaders, doctrine and tactics of the American Civil War, and includes a comprehensive set of army lists and optional rules for recreating the battles of that war in miniature.

American War of Independence
In 1775 American colonists rise up against British rule. The King’s redcoats, loyal settlers and regiments of ‘Hessian’ mercenaries fight a citizen army led by George Washington, supported by militia and French troops.

Rebellion! - Black Powder supplement
(WLG WG-BP006)
This supplement for Black Powder describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of this conflict. Included are scenarios allowing you to recreate many of the battles of the rebellion. This glorious 144-page full-colour book, written by Steve Jones.

French & Indian War + 7 Years War + More

The Last Argument of Kings Black Powder supplement
(WLG WG-BP002)
At the beginning of the 18th century, warfare entered a new era. The widespread use of the flintlock musket had transformed the way armies trained and fought. This period was a golden age for the crowned heads of Europe. They commanded professional troops, gloriously outfitted in splendid uniforms, and fought each other over land, wealth and the succession to their thrones. Some even led their armies on the field of battle. Yet by the end of the century, the real power of kings was gone or greatly eroded parliaments would decide the foreign policy of nations, democracy had taken hold in the New World and the divine right of kings was everywhere being questioned. These were the last wars fought to protect the succession rights of royalty. These wars were the Last Argument of Kings.

This supplement for the Black Powder game overviews the main conflicts and armies of this period, and includes army lists and special rules to enable you to refight these wars using the Black Powder rules, as well as scenarios for the most dramatic battles of the time. Featured conflicts include:

- The War of the Spanish Succession - the Battle of Blenheim (1704)
- The Great Northern War - the Battle of Holowczyn (1708)
- The Austro-Turkish Wars - the Battle of Petrovardin (1716)
- The War of the Austrian Succession - the Battle of Fontenoy (1745)
- The Wars of the English Succession - the 1745 Rebellion
- The Seven Years War - the Battle of Hundorf (1762)
- War in the Colonies - The French Indian War & The War in India
- Raids and Invasions Amphibious Warfare in the 18th Century
This is a full color 112 page soft back book.

Anglo-Zulu Wars
The tribal armies of the Zulu nation crash against the thin red line of the British Empire at Isandlwana, Ulundi and the famous Rorke's Drift.

Zulu! covers the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.
This lavish 92 page supplement chronicles such legendary battles as Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift and Ulundi. Zulu! brings you not only the background for these momentous battles but other, less well known conflicts as well as rules and force listings - all wrapped up with the usual photographs of beautifully painted miniature and armies! A copy of the Black Powder rulebook is required to use this supplement.

They charged out of the shimmering desert, thousands of fanatical warriors dressed in white, brandishing fearsome weapons. These were the Mahdi’s men and a British soldier’s worst nightmare. The Mahdi had emerged from the wilderness to lead a rebellion against the Egyptian government in Sudan. His armies overwhelmed the Egyptians and trapped Governor Gordon in Khartoum. The British launched a relief expedition, but it arrived too late. Such an insult to the Empire could not go unpunished, and the British returned to crush the Mahdists. Sudan then came under British Imperial control, but, like shifting sands, history could have turned out very differently.

Using this Black Powder supplement, you can take charge of the British army fighting in the desert, or assume command of the Mahdi’s forces in their struggle against the world’s greatest military power. Along the way, learn about the battles and campaigns of the Mahdist Wars, and the soldiers who served in them. A copy of the Black Powder rulebook is required to use this supplement.

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