August 13, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: The Latest Strelets 1/72nd Plastic Sets for Summer 2016

No Less then eight new 1/72nd scale plastic sets have arrived from Strelets...
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Strelets Mini
STL-M052 Turkish Army Crimean War
STL-M108 Pretorian Ranks 
STL-M109 Pretorians Ceremonial March STL-M111 WWII New Zealand Troops 
STL-M112 WWII US Navy & Anti-Aircraft Machine-Gun 
STL-M113 Early WWII American Soldiers Set 2
Strelets R
STL-115 Lawrence of Arabia 
STL-138 Roman Senate 2 
STL-026 Russian Terek Cossacks (Reissue) 

Coming Later in 2016
Strelets "Big Box"
909 - Hastings 1066: Norman Army- Norman Army Camp (4 sets incl. old no. 128, 070, M039 + new exclusive Set)
910 - Hastings 1066: Norman Army
911 - Stamford Bridge
912 - Hastings 1066: Anglo-Saxon Army
Streets Mini
M054 - Bashi-Bazouk
M116 - WWII Japanese Infantry in Winter Dress
M117 - English Longbowmen
M118 - English Foot Soldiers XIII-XIV century


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